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December 22 2005

Serenity props now available for purchase. Prices range from $90 to around $2000. Alternatively, you could check out Booster Event's latest auction which has loads of signed Serenity pics up for bidding.

According the owner who posted at the Browncoats Forum:

We have purchased the majority of the props and costumes used in the film so there will be a wide range of pieces from glasses from the Maidenhead Bar scene to complete principle character costumes early next year.

If anybody has any specific items they are looking for please feel free to drop us a line with 'wants' list and we will try to keep you informed as they become available.

On a related note has anyone checked amazon lately. Serenity (Widescreen)is still #1 but Firefly has moved up to #4 or #3 since March of the Pengiuns is #2 (Wide) & #3 (Full) based on the version, if you count it as 1 title then that bumps Firefly to the #3 position. However, Serenity (Full Screen) version is #98 out of the top 100.

Oh and for some bizzaro reason Universal has also boxed Serenity with the Hulk as a Holiday gift set. I say it at Sam's Club last night and went "WTH?"

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Yes, because those two films have ever so much in common. Riiiight. And I did peek at Amazon this morning. Firefly is also #1 in the "Television" category.
I know, the coupon for $10 off if you buy Serenity and BSG season set makes waaaay more sense. Both Univ properties, and both recent SF that's been getting acclaim and whatnot.
I started making a list at the official site of the props I'd love to see:

The device that was stick in River's head
The holograph device
Mal's fake grenade
A plastic dinosaur
Simon's bouncing betty baton
Zoe's necklace
The spear that... never mind, spoiler
River's handcuffs
The ship part Kaylee was toying with during her scene with Jayne (which I had thought was a catalyzer but Joss didn't say so in the commentary)
One of Simon's hypos
One of Jayne's many weapons
The can of beans River brained Jayne with
River's gun
Mal's screwdriver
Inara's incense
The rug Mal wore as a disguise
Inara's bow and/or arrows
Zoe's knife
A dead body from Miranda
Just about any chunks of the ship or props from crewman quarters
PADDS and clipboards used by officials (especially Dr. Mathias')
Mr. Universe's yamulke from his wedding
Utensils from the dining table onboard or from Haven (I'm getting chopsticks, woo hoo hoo... sorry)
A Jayne t-shirt
Kaylee's toolbelt
River's Academy leotard
Young River's hair decoration
Young River's stylus
The operative's sword that's designed to look like it's stuck through somebody
Simon's happy foam bandage gun
Is it sad that I'm coming up with a fairly extensive list from memory?
Miniatures or mockups of Serenity, although I'll bet either Whedon or ZOIC kept those
Ooh, the great big Buddha!
Operation: River's Goggles! Let's buy them for Summer!!! Who's with me???
(lest there be any mistake, I am just kidding ;-)
I think we should hold out for the bug she swallowed jam2.

I started making a list at the official site of the props I'd love to see:

The lovebot. ;)
Just so everyone knows, they don't update the props page in real-time; when an item is bought, it's not immediately removed from the listing, they have to do it by hand. I know this because I bought the Operative's sword this morning, and it's still showing up. So you should keep that in mind when looking at the items.

Anyone who wants to see the sword, I'll definitely be bringing it to DragonCon next year, so look for us Firefly Talk podcast people and you can check out the authentic Nathan Fillion shishkabob skewer!

I bought the bank heist cash this morning... maybe... I'll know when I get home and check my e-mail for a confirmation.
Yeah, I noticed the Serenity/Hulk package too. Yeah, that is so gonna win over the masses... :-P

(And damn you, erico, I wanted the Operative's sword!)
Wake me when and if anyone ever has the pen from the R. Tam Sessions up for sale.
I wonder what happened to the hovercraft?
Oh my, I'd metaphorically kill for that sword. But unfortunately I don't really have $2000 lying around... Damn...

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2005-12-23 01:31 ]
Plus, the sword is not on the market anymore... ;)

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