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March 01 2003

(SPOILER) It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... David Boreanaz?! Don't know how reliable this is. But it would be very cool...

That's certainly unexpected. I wouldn't imagine him to be high profile enough for that sort of project.
While the movie information seems correct (they want someone who will sign for two sequels, someone "unknown" or lower profile) I read the Hollywood Reporter reported (hey, imagine that) that Josh Harnett had just passed on the role, and that they were considering Brendan Fraser, Paul Walker, and Matthew Bomer. Is anyone right? Does anyone really know? I guess we should find out sometime prior to the film release next year.

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I thought the link said 2/28/03. But this report is 15 minutes old and doesn't mention Boreanaz. No other article (according to Google News Search) links Superman to David Boreanaz, either.
my bad, on the date thing. Thanks for an official link Robo. It helped clear up a few mistakes I had down.

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This site seems to also relate the same info. Don't hit the E! Online link though. They seem to think Harnett signed to the film.

It seems back in December, Boreanez was a name getting tossed around for Supes.

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Tom Lenk. Tom Lenk should play Superman.
While I'm willing to support that, I'm thinking he would be the definitive Jimmy Olsen. Who much would that rock?

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"What do you want from me, Superman slash Clark Kent?"
Ah Hello Magazine, an upmarket Brit equivalent of People Magazine.

Here's what a very reliable UK David Boreanaz website had to say about the matter.

"Several UK publications are reporting David has signed for Superman role with two sequels in a deal worth 30 million. This report originated in the Daily Express has appeared in Hello Magazine and other newspapers, such as The Star.

Although it is true that The WB wanted a commitment to three films, one factor that supposedly turned Josh Hartnett off, I have seen no verifiable source in the film or entertainment magazines in either the US or UK. Please note that as yet it is not certain whether the reports have any accuracy."

So basically if any exclusive Buffy and Angel news comes from a British newspaper or magazine its false. There are lies, damned lies and British tabloid exclusives.

Alexis Denisof would be a cool Superman.
Agree on Denisof, if he could drop his accent.

His birthday appeared in the celebrity birthdays this week in my local paper. That was odd since he doesn't headline his show, and everyone treats Buffy/Angel as cult shows and the actors as such. Very cool though. For a minute, I thought I was mistaken.
Jack... you do realise Denisof is American, do you? He doesn't sound like it even when he's not being Wesley, he sounds transatlantic, but that's because he lived in the UK for a long time. He can put on 'proper' English, I'm sure he can put on 'proper' American as well.
Jack Knight... do you mean use his own accent? He's not a brit...

David would make a far better Batman than Superman... although I could see him making it work...
Okay, so Joss has made me look like an ass again. Is ASH the only real Brit they've ever employed? His name, I thought he lived in the UK, which 'lific say he does...I just assumed. I've never seen the man in an interview. Now I know...and knowing is half the battle.

What would make Denisof great is that he can do bumbling, and heroic (even if it's dark heroic on Angel.) You need someone who seems fallible one moment, undeniable the next.

And Tom Lenk for Jimmy Olsen.
Juliet Landau for Lois??? just a thought.
Well, believe it or not, Harmony (what's her name again) is English. Well... Canadian. Her dad's English but they moved to Canada, and she later moved to L.A.

Also, Ethan Rayne (Robin Sachs), is English. But he lives in L.A.
Thanks for the FYI prolific.
Tom Lenk IS Superman. ;) He'd make an excellent Jimmy now wouldn't he? Did anyone catch the BtVS/Angel spoiler at the end of the article? ;)
Every guy in Hollywood over 6 feet tall has been linked to the Superman role, including Joe Millionaire Evan Marriott. Warners has been screen testing anything with a Y chromosome. Harry at AintItCool News just wrote a great article about the entire mess.
To further complicate things: I noticed ASH's accent in BtVS isn't even his 'real' accent, compared to the way he speaks in interviews.
There's some more background on how this story developed at filmforce.

Angel Star to Play Superman?
re: ASH's accent

ASH grew up speaking a lot like Giles but was sent to grammar school and got his head kicked in for sounding posh, so he started talking more like the kids at school... and then got told off by his dad for speaking like that.
His American accent is not very convincing, by the way.
Oh Lord, you've gotta love the picture they have in that IGN Filmforce article -- LOL!

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