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December 22 2005

Flanvention gets a write up in IF magazine. A nice article from someone who has never attended a convention before and gives you some insight as to why people go to these things.

Um... first ever convention for Firefly? I thought that was Starfury's "Serenity" in May this year... lol
It was the first of it's kind in the US.
While I am disappointed that Jason Carter, Christina Hendricks, the Feldman twins, and I didn't get mentioned, I'm glad that the author went beyond the eight headliners and gave Dennis Christopher, Camden Toy, Jonathan Woodward, and James Leary their props. *smile*
(And Andy Hallett. Can't forget Andy.......)
Well next time you'll just have to come up with a better dance routine to do.

BTW - KRAD pics coming soon to the flickr board :)

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There's also quite a good write-up at as well.
BTW - KRAD pics coming soon to the flickr board :)

Oh God...... *laughs*

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