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December 23 2005

Serenity is at #6 in BBC Movies' 'Top Ten Films of 2005'. It beat films like 'Revenge of the Sith', 'Crash' and 'Downfall'.

No A History of Violence?! Personally I thought War of the Worlds was great and certainly deserves to knock off Revenge of the Nooooooo. And while I loved the cute rabbits in Wallace & Gromit, it was hardly the film of the year.

Still, good to see the BDM in such a high position. Even if the list (and the fact that I can't think of many more than should be there) does show what a poor year it's been for films (again).

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Even if the list (and the fact that I can't think of many more than should be there) does show what a poor year it's been for films (again).

I think the only thing the list shows is how Eurocentric the BBC can be (Wallace & Gromit was the best film of the year? Um, no) - and that they haven't seen very many films this year.
What a crappy list! Serenity being on it is probably not an honor given 70% of it is movies that are snore-worthy and/or forgettable.

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I think the only thing the list shows is how Eurocentric the BBC can be.

If being Eurocentric means that the BBC picked Joss' movie as one of their top films, it can only be a good thing. I haven't seen the American-centric news sites picking Serenity for their end of year polls.

What a crappy list!

Really? I think it's one of the most well rounded and balanced lists I've read to date. But then each to their own.
I'm still reasonably sure BBC viewers should check out Film 2005 on BBC One on December 29th, to see which film wins and which director picks up the award...

I agree with Simon here. I quibble about the place numbers, but in terms of the actual films I agree with every one being in the top ten. Things like Crash, Batman Begins and such were outstanding to me.

And with regards to Eurocentric - British Broadcasting Corporation might give something away ;) That said, nearly all the films in the list are actually, you know, American.
I agree with Simon. I think the negativity is misplaced. While I don't actually like every film on this list, there are some excellent choices here. If 'end of year' lists like this one result in more people hearing about 'Serenity' and checking it out, isn't that a good thing?
Eurocentric? Nine out ten, I think, of these films are American. I'm not going to check.
7 out of 10 actually. But only two is European, Kung Fu Hustle is very much Asian.
Personally I thought "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" deserved a place on the list too. Certainly over Revenge of the Sith.
Looks like a good year for Joss in the ratings. Toy Story also came in at number 5 in a UK poll of best family films.
Personally, for all its flaws, I'd put "Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy" in there above "Revenge of the Sith". And "Serenity" a lot higher. But that's just me...
I'm surprised Lion is actually missing -- good spot, Razor.
"Wallace and Gromit" was a pretty huge critical favorite -- and a giant hit in England based on some genuinely beloved characters, so I have no problem with it's #1 spot, even though it might not make into my personal top 10.

Frankly, the only movie that really and truly was not up to par on that list IMO was "Sith." I say this more from sadness than anger, but it was only a good movie in comparison to the other two, so the bar was mighty, mighty low. Shows the power of low expectations, I suppose.
I'm gonna have to jump in with my own better-than-ROTS movie that wasn't on the list. What about Harry Potter?
Wallace and Gromit? Soooooo not the best film of the year! Okay, the fact i can't stand that whole plasticine animation type thing doesn't help my opinion but both Serenity and Batman Begins were infinitely better movies than that.

Hell, i'm no Star Wars fan but i'd even put Revenge of the Snores above W&G.
I'm happy with Grommit and Batman. Someday I might own a copy of both. Sideways and Crash are on my Netflix list. It'll probably be late Spring before I get to them. And Yay! Serenity. I think it's pretty cool it made this list.
Actually, my favorite movie on the list (yes, including "Serenity"...I think...) by far is "Sideways," but then I've been called Paul Giamatti's spiritual twin. (Though I'd never steal money from my mom. I'm too scared of her!)
Well I would have liked to have seen Sin City on the list. One of my very favourite films of the year.
Am I the only one who was bored stiff with Sideways?
I agree with Harry Potter and Sin City being better than many of the listed movies. I liked Sideways, but I didn't think it was the greatest thing ever. Still, Paul Giamatti worked better for me in that than he did in American Splendor - my love of comic books notwithstanding, I feel asleep about a third of the way into it.

bobster, now that you mention it, you definitely have some Giamattishness about you . . . :)
What about Harry Potter?

The one that was a step down from Prisoner of Azkaban? Good film, but not even the series' best in two years. And The Chronicles of Narnia? Ugh. Could The Lion, the Witch, and the Warddrobe have been any more uninspired?

And the notion of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy being better than Revenge of the Sith is absurd.

And the notion of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy being better than Revenge of the Sith is absurd.

One day we'll all be able to have opinions, and there'll be no war, and no crazy frog.
Agree with Simon about Sin City. To me, it was slick, fast, and the noir-est of the noir. I really cared about the characters, and it was beautifully shot. I actually caught my breath at a few of the more obviously gorgeous stagings.

I think Sideways was worth watching for Virginia Madsen's small speech about what wine means to her. Giamatti can do no wrong in my eyes, but it was her words that captivated me. It was a slow, but very warm movie to me. I enjoyed it.
Totally forgot about Sin City. That absolutely deserved a place in the ten.

Gossi, no war and no crazy frog? You just described an almost perfect world! Throw in no Strictly Come Dancing and you have my idea of heaven!
And no Hollyoaks. Obviously.

Just saw this - I want!
Heh, what's that then gossi?

As for my favorite 2005 movies. My top 3 would be:

1. Serenity
2. Hotel Rwanda
3. Mean Creek

I think Hotel Rwanda came out in 2004 in most places, but it was 2005 in The Netherlands, so I'm counting it :-p I still haven't seen Sideways, by the way, keep meaning to. Same goes for Crash, which I really want to see, but I've either missed it in the Dutch cinema, or it just hasn't come out yet. Other than that, I did actually like EpIII, if only for nostalgic reasons. But the biggest surprise to me was Harry Potter. I didn't care much for the previous film versions, but this one was great. Saw it twice at the cinema.

Oh: and I think the BBC list is actually quite decent.
Star Wars above Downfall and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? That'd be enough for me to discredit this list if I didn't roll my eyes and scoff when anyone likes to tell everyone how such-and-such beating such-and-such is enough for them to discredit a list. Serenity at number six is highly respectable, and it's about where it sits in my top ten for the year. Have to agree with Simon, it's one of the most well-rounded lists I've seen so far.

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