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December 23 2005

Nathan makes AP's "most underrated performances" list. As part of their year-end coverage The Associated Press released a list of "most underrated performances of 2005." Guess who made the list?

"9. Nathan Fillion, "Serenity." Like Harrison Ford did three decades ago, Fillion plays a bemused, roll-with-the-punches spaceship captain. There aren't awards for such performances, but they help remind us that sci-fi and action movies can actually be good."

Some good picks on there.

I wish Val Kilmer would be better recognized for all his successes, despite some really mediocre films making up the bulk of his career. But when he had The Salton Sea, Spartan, and Wonderland come out in the space of a year, I realized he's an incredible leading man (plus I thought he did good voice work playing both Moses and God in the uneven Dreamworks animated flick The Prince of Egypt...not to mention he headlined a flick that scared the shit out of me at the time, the evil lion-featuring The Ghost and the Darkness).

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Can people stop, for a minute, comparing Mal and Solo... come on, Mal is way deeper, as a character, than Solo. Solo didn't have this feeling of loss, this really dark mood, this utterly non-moral behavior which becomes moral as he realizes he is believing in something.

Solo was very shallow, compared with Mal. The character of solo never could bear a whole film on his shoulder, whereas Serenity is solely about Mal (re-)discovering some belief, and himself, in a way.
Ah, yes, I think no one'll deny that Mal has way more depth than Solo ever did (at least, not here), but there's no denying the superficial similarities. Besides, you say 'Solo' and everyone knows what you're talking about instantly. So it's a good comparison as far as I'm concerned, although it does not do justice to the complexity of Mal as a character, I agree.
Good to see our cap'n getting the respect he deserves. If anyone interested in my website, he's going to be making my upcoming year-end list of best performances.

I just don't get why Hollywood doesn't get what a talent Nathan is. Comedy, drama, action, romance -- he does it all. Then you look around, and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck continue to get lead roles in everything. *shrugs* Really, truly, "underrated" is the word.

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