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December 23 2005

Sci-Fi Brain's Best Sci-Fi of 2005. Sci-Fi Brain awards Best Sci-Fi Film to Serenity and Best Sci-Fi Director to Joss Whedon (beating Steven Spielberg).

Astonishing X-Men is a runner-up for Best Sci-Fi Novel/Comic Book/Graphic Novel. The Operative is a runner-up for Best Sci-Fi Villain. Summer Glau is a runner-up for Best Sci-Fi Actress. Nathan Fillion is runner-up for Best Sci-Fi Actor.

YAY on Joss beating Spielberg!!!
This is great for Serenity, a truly BDM. But it takes some of the power away from the award when one of the runners up is Revenge of the Sith. I'm just sayin'.
Thank God Joss beat Spielberg.

War of the Worlds was one of the dullest Hollywood blockbusters of the year.
Can I just say abso - Fragging- lutely?

Spielberg is good in a "I hope I never have to see a movie by him again and what's with a jewish guy employing freaky scientologists" kind of way, but Serenity was the kind of movie that I left feeling "thank you - that was a wonderful experience in the not so hokey I could see how it ended before I bought the ticket way but more I had totally *seen a movie* kind of way. Obviously this is just my humble opinion. And not hugely grammatical.

Well deserved.

(edited to spell Spielburg almost correcter)

[ edited by giles (yes, it is my real name) on 2005-12-24 14:56 ]
I think this is more great news. Joss and Serenity certainly deserve their awards.

I also think the Lost music deserved to win. I think Michael Giacchino is incredibly talented and should become much more visible in the next five to ten years because he should definitely be scoring big films. I thoroughly enjoyed his work on Alias, and am hoping they will release soundtracks for seasons three to five, and of course a Lost soundtrack.

They also use some fantastic songs in Lost, some of which I wouldn't have heard otherwise, such as "Wash Away" by Joe Purdy. The music isn't quite as atmospheric as Buffy or Angel, and they haven't brought to light so many relatively unknown but excellent artists, but I was still impressed.

Of course I think Serenity's soundtrack should have been a runner up. I think it was totally ungerenic and completely organic to the Fireflyverse and fit in well with the story, without copying Greg Edmunson's beautiful style. I think it is definitely very memorable and unique.

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