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December 23 2005

Booster is asking who wants a Flan 2? Also, who do you want at the Flan 2, Booster Events is looking into the interest of making the Flan an annual event but they need input. So who do you want to see there? You have to reg to vote for 1 and post for your top 3 choices.

Just read that Adam isn't interested in doing cons unless there is new material to promote. Wonder how many of them feel that way...
Well he is doing at least 1 con as of now next June on the east coast. Unless something has changed that has not been mentioned yet.
Well, maybe his hypocrisy knows no bounds, hehe.
I would love to see Richard Brooks at Flan 2. I would also like to see myself there as I missed the first one :(
Well, though I just registered at the BE site, it doesn't seem to want to let me log in to post, so instead, I'll post my suggestions for Flan 2 here:

In addition to as many BDH's as they can get (8 out of 9, plus a surprise visit from Joss for the the first Flanvention was phenomenal), and perhaps a panel of memorable guest stars, I'd like to see Greg Edmonson, Tim Minear, Ben Edlund, any other FF writers who'd attend, and maybe some of the FF directors. A writers panel would be great.
Chris Buchanan and Mary Parent - if no other reason than that everyone could give her a standing ovation.

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