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December 24 2005

Nathan's holiday message (req required). Happy holidays, Whedonesquers.

This is why these people are just the best, they take time out of their day, while we all know that at this time of year there's a million other things they need to do, and wish us a happy holiday.

Happy Holidays to you too Nathan, hopefully next Christmas we'll still all be staring at that page on the internet that will have been there for months saying that Joss has been given the PIN to the Universal bank account and been told he can do whatever he wants with it. Or if that's too much, at least confirmation of a continuation to Serenity
Yep, that rocks. Nathan is great. Just think how different this fandom would've been if he hadn't been cast as Mal. He's the centre around which the actors group revolves (or so it has always seemed to me - I might be wrong, ofcourse) and I think at least part of the fact that Joss fell in love with the whole 'Verse so much, was that he loved working with this cast.

And hey, I very much like reading these messages. It's a good way to start christmas.

So, in closing, like I said in the other thread as well, and agreeing with Gossi: Happy holidays, Whedonesquers!
I'd like to add my greetings and happy holidays, too, to all you fellow Whedonesquers and cast and crew of the Whedonverse!
Merry Christmas aswell. We here in Sweden actually started early since we for some reason tend to celebrate the Eves rather than the Days. And the same is true for Christmas Eve. So I'm all xmassed up already and as far as I know, no one I know was fed to lions... Yeah... It's really nice to see Nathan make time out of the hectic pre-christmas dance and post a notice to us the masses.

In related news (since it seemed to work last time around)... I miss Dear Roj. I really do. It's been almost 3 months without word and I'm just hoping everything's A-OK and wondering how things are in general you know. And that she's stayed clear away from the evil-evil IMdb board.

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Woohoo! I've been a long-time reader of Whedonesque, and just managed to register for membership. What a wonderful Christmas present guys. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas.
Welcome, flugufrelsarinn, and Merry Christmas (and other applicable holidays) to you and all fellow Whedonesquers, including those who may only lurk without yet being members.
Well said, GVH. Without the love of the 'Verse that the cast and Joss & other ME people plainly have shown, we'd wouldn't be where we are. We *all* share this BDL (big damn love) for our little ship & its crew.

Happy (choose as many as applicable) Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yuletide, Zarathosht Diso (Zoroastrian...don't ask me; I just have a thorough calendar) and New Year to all Whedonesquers & affiliates, and to all a good night.
Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever you celebrate! Hope everyone has a nice time!

Oh and the turnip smell tag? lol! I think thats gonna haunt Nathan for a long time now! Hehe.
Group hug and all that. I love my Whedonesque friends! And.....welcome new friends!

Nathan is a peach. I love my captain! Happy holidays!
This seemed like as good a place as any for a newbie to say hello. And Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays to all, and may reindeer leave you many presents on your roof.
Nathan's just the greatest, isn't he?


Hi everyone!

I've been long-time lurker of Whedonesque and was so excited see the membership open. Such a lovely present for the holidays! Thanks guys! Happy Holidays to all!
A big howdy to the newb's.

And extra special "Best Wishes" to Caroline, Simon, Zeitgeist, SoddingNancyTribe, Herb and Milov (and any other fancy fonts I may have missed -- sorry) for this great site. Whoops, I forgot to mention the Biggest Font of them all, Joss. Happy happy!

Before I headed to Southeast Asia in November, I had vowed to avoid any communication with the homefront. It worked, except for the three times I checked in here for news updates over one month! Yup, a "Must Visit" site.

Yay team!

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What a guy. Joss' commentary track made me misty-eyed, especially during his story of filming between Summer and Sean during the final seige.

Oh, and when Joss praised the guy's voice at the Lilac Train Station vault, did anyone go back and listen and think it was Joss' voice? It sounded a lot like him.
Oh, and when Joss praised the guy's voice at the Lilac Train Station vault, did anyone go back and listen and think it was Joss' voice? It sounded a lot like him.

It's actually already been out and about that it was him. Apparently (if I recall the story correctly), he for some reason went in and looped the voice and it just sort of stuck. So, it had better have sounded a lot like him. Heh.
Just one more reason I love being a Browncoat. Few other fandoms seems to get so much appreciation and love from the actors, creator, and everyone involved. I often describe Joss as what Star Wars fans wish George Lucas was.

So glad to finally be a member and able to post on my own rather than using my friend's account. You'll likely be hearing a lot from me now :-). Whedonesque is my homepage! (That'd be a good T-Shirt wouldn't it? *hint hint*)
Happy Holidays all you Mutant Enemys out there!!!
Ho ho ho! Welcome all you new members (and older members, aged or not) and a very happy Christmas to you all.
Yay! I finally get to register...after about a least a year waiting for the opportune moment.. [I think I just resigned myself to lurkdom -chuckles-]

Happy Holidays Whendonesque-ers. And I can appreciate a fella that takes a moment for the fandom. = ruleness.
Yes Merry Christmas everyone :).
Welcome to the new folks and a heartfelt Season's Greetings to all of you here on the big black W! Thank you for being here and making me think, laugh, swear, and share every day!
Sweet! Thanks for reopening registration, guys! Long-time lurker, now hopefully I'll be posting too! Merry Christmas to all!
Happy Christmas everyone! And Happy Christmas to Nathan too. I echo Ghost Spike in saying how nice it is of him to think of his fans when I'm sure he has other stuff to do.
That was a wonderful message from Nathan. Again, a merry Christmas to all.
Merry Christmas to all posters, new and older and heartfelt thanks to all the mods - Caroline, Milov, Herb, Simon, SoddingNancyTribe and Zeitgeist - for providing such a constructive yet safely challenging community for so many. You guys rock! And you too, Joss!
Ah, hey, let me add a warmhearted welcome to all you newly registered folk as well. Wasn't that long ago I was new here on the black (checks: ah, that was approximately 4 months ago). So: enjoy your stay! And again: merry christmas to all.
Happy Holidays to all Whedonesquers, long-time friends and new ones! And the same to Joss, Nathan, and all our BDHs, as well as all our fond favorites from Buffy and Angel. May all have a wonderful day, full of good cheer.
Oh gosh! I forgot about Joss! Please forgive me. If you could, would you give us a jingle of this new year?
I'd just like to add Merry Christmas every one as well. Hope everyone is having a good time :)
Merry Christmas, or happy holidays, to all of you!!!

And let me join in the praise for the people who make this community happen - Caroline and the mods on one side, Joss and all the other extraordinary people on the other! Thanks, you rule!
Newbie here! Merry Christmas to all!
Woohoo membership open! I've been wanting to join for ages, this really is a shiny present.

Merry odd little Christian holiday everybody!
Merry Christmas to all Whedonesquers, new and old - to the great Whedon himself, Nathan and all the BDH's.

It's been a heck of a year indeed.
Nathan is a such a nice guy and it feels so good to finally be able to register!

Merry Christmas all and Happy Holidays.
Couldn't help reading that as coming not from Nathan, but from Mal. :)
Merry Christmas to all here - and especially Caroline and her team who keep this such a civilised place to visit!
*hugs* to Nathan for a lovely Christmas post (whether or not he'll see this!) and a Merry Christmas to the rest of you Whedonesque-ers as well as Joss and the rest of the cast and crew of Firefly & Serenity! Hope everyone has a shiny holiday.
A very Merry Christmas to Nathan, Joss, and all of our BDHs! Also, as I too am a newbie.. I feel I should give a very heartfelt thanks to everyone at Whedonesque for a wonderful Christmas present! Happy holidays, everybody =)
Wow, check out the newbies!!! Welcome on board guys!
Merry Christmas all my babes at Whedonesque. (Even tho it's boxing day in Oz)And to all the lurkers, have a good one. I think it's time I tottered of and crackered open a bottle of alcermerhol, I's past 10 am, that's not too early right? ; )
Chiming in, much like the bells of Christmas..or something...with a Merry Christmas to everyone!
Oh dear...alcohol in a whedonesque thread? We all know what that can lead to...
It's so great that the cast/crew take some time to tell us Happy Holidays and hello...just one of the reasons I am a fan.

nixygirl- Thank you for the welcome! I am one of the newbies...although I've been lurking for awhile now patiently waiting for my chance to join. Thanks again and Happy Holidays everyone!! :)
Newbie here too, haha, so I'm very happy to join Whedonesque.. been reading posts for about a year, and waiting to become a member. Merry Christmas all.
Well then a special welcome to you KimberlyJ!
OK it's my shout...what are ya all having?
How about a lovely pint of the black stuff? Make that two, GVH what will you be having? I know, we'll get you a Pina Colada. *hick*
Oh, no, nixygirl! GVH warned us what happens when the alcohol starts getting passed around. I'll just have a whiskey neat beer chaser pineapple juice, please.
Merry Christmas new and old-er. It is still Christmas here and I finally got a chance to drop in before I drop. Thank goodness I took tomorrow off from work!
Hey nixygirl, is that offer still up on the table? I've already had one nice big glass of red wine tonight, and another would top it off quite nicely *hic*

*raises her glass* To Nathan!!
GVH, I read that thread. BEST. THREAD. EVER! One of the key reasons why I loved this place. I may be Hindu, and I dont drink, but I would love to share in the virtual Christmas cheer! May I have some baileys? hmmm I love Baileys. And besides Christmas I would like to wish everyone here a Happy Festivus(for the rest of us!).

And yeah I have to say it is sooo sweet and awesome that Joss and Nathan, take time out of their uber busy schedules, to give us their greetings. Maybe its the alcohol talking but I love you BDHs!!!(In a not scary, creepy, stalker like way, I swear!) Ok maybe its also Firefly/Serenity. That stuff is addictive! And to copy satine79, I'll raise my glass too. "Hear Hear".
Two really nice Christmas presents, a message from The Captain and now I can post here too. Yay!!!
Merry Christmas to everybody everywhere!!!
From a newbie in Norway.
Oh I had forgotten about celebrating Fesitvus this year, thank you for the reminder Kurya (or it would have passed unnoticed in the general seasonal rush of inclusive celebratory paganism). I loved Nathan's post at the Universal board, I hope everyone has been enjoying a wonderful time with friends and family, and I am thrilled that we have so many new members (old lurkers) here at Whedonesque!
GVH what will you be having? I know, we'll get you a Pina Colada. *hick*

Thanks, Nix!

GVH, I read that thread. BEST. THREAD. EVER!

Heh, yeah, I think that thread happened in my first week (or maybe second week) at Whedonesque. Was a good way to get started ;-). *sips drink*
I'm not too late am I? I had such a good time at the last thread!
It's always a good way when ya start with a little drinky poo!
Ya enjoying that Pina Colada? How's about another?
I'll have a Manahtten and for the newbies, all the Slow Comfortable Screws are on me!!!
(I meant the drink ya sickos!!!)
; D
Hey Nixy! A Singapore Sling for me please. What do you suppose the big lurker would like?
Oh the big Lurker like his Boags Beer!
(I think that's what he was drinking, my friend dave was buying them so I'll have to ask him!)
A Boags for him please. On me.

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