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December 25 2005

(SPOILER) Sneak peak at Tony Head in next year's Doctor Who. Forget to watch the teaser clip after "The Christmas Invasion"? Well now you can watch it online. It features our Tony as you've probably never seen him before.

He looked good and sounded - very Giles, really (same accent). I have to say I really loved the episode - especially the Christmas tree...
I wasn't sure about David Tennant to begin with but he really wowed me in that episode. Looking forward to see him and Tony square up against each other.
Yep, I was pleasantly surprised. I only saw DW 27x01 last time round, and thought that was truly horrible so I stopped watching. Gave it a second chance tonight, and I immediatly liked David Tennant better than the last guy, which helps. Still don't think Who is the second coming of SciFi like some of you Brits seem to think (:-p), but at least I enjoyed myself this time round.

And Tony looked great in the preview. Can't believe I'm actually looking forward to a Who-ep now ;-).
That episode was wonderful! And the clips at the end got me very excited about the next series.
T'was bloody fantastic, clips looked great, Tony looked pretty evil in those clips. Go on Russel, do some clever editing on the episode so you can make it in a later episode that he's the Master.
Wow. Haven't seen The Christmas Invasion yet, but these clips look great! It'll be fun to see Tony playing a more sinister character - I can't wait ;)
I knew there was something I meant to ask. Did anyone get the Doctor Who shooting scripts book for Xmas? Apparently (well according to SFX magazine), there's a cut scene in the Dalek episode where the Doctor makes a reference to the online Buffy fandom.
Skipping over the main story and comments because don't want to be spoiled, I am obtaining the xmas special right now and haven't watched it yet but I must say this is all great stuff!

Woo and WHO for 2006 Doctor Who!
Wish I could wrap my head around how Bittorrent works so I could see some of the new Doctor.
Probably can't discuss it here, but if you really want to see it send me an email and I'll try and help you out there Ledfeather.

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I thought the first 20 odd minutes of last night's Doctor Who were very shakey TV. And then, wow. Fantastic stuff. "Oh no, that's the Lion King". Pop culture references, snark, confused morals (did the UK just plung the Earth into war?)... Greatness.
Except that was actually gossi above, just I'm logged in as Ms Gossi. Confusion!
This clip looks very interesting!!!!!!
So Ms Gossi is now registered as solardip and Gossi is using her id? You move fast Gossi. I look forward to hearing solardip's take on things now that she is registered. This could be interesting. ;-)
Hee, yes, I've already been letchered that the record can be set straight now... Be afraid!
I've already been letchered

That a Freudian misspelling gossi? ;)
I loved Christopher Eccleston and wasn't sure how I'd feel about David Tennant but I thought he did a great job. When he finally appears in the episode you are very relieved - brilliant job Mr. Davies. Lots of good quotes too: "Am I ginger?" "Don't you think she looks tired?" I'm looking forward to the spinoff series Torchwood. They haven't been very specific about when the new episodes are going to start airing.
I was very pleased with David Tennant - considering how little he was actually in it and not asleep, I thought he really took the character on and started to make it his own.
Very much looking forward to Torchwood and the return of the lovely Captain Jack!
Its important to watch beyond the first Eccleston ep when forming an opinion about new Who, imo... Torchwood is supposed to air in the fall if I'm not mistaken.
Torchwood's either in the Fall, or shortly after season 2/28 (currently rumored to either start early enough so it finishes before the World Cup, or Easter Weekend - taking a break during the World Cup (Damn BBC buggering around with Science Fiction shows for sports)) ends.

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