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December 25 2005

Validation from Joss. Leftover quote from his SF Chron interview, on how he would've lived on the internet as a kid, instead of being an adult occasional visitor...

Neva Chonin of the SF Chronicle has a single, random Joss quote in her Christmas column: Joss Whedon (creator of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), on the power of the Internet: "I'm counting on the Internet to destroy the music industry. That's its first job. Then I'd like to see it take on the movie world. I would have lived on the Internet as a kid. I would have been not me, which is what I wanted to be all my life."

aw, now I just want to hug him...

See? This is why we love Joss... it feels good to be accepted ;)
That's such a great quote from Joss, it makes all this seem worthwile ... no, wait, it already did seem that way, just hearing Joss say it makes me grin! And hello from a newbie. Thanks to you all at Whedonesque for a lovely Christmas present :D
'tis true, the Joss loves us. And accepts us. And, uh, has some self esteem issues, if I do say so myself, but this is where the hugs come in. He also doesn't regard the world of internet piracy with fear and loathing, which is interesting. And cool.

Happy holidays, y'all, especially to the newbies.
Destroy the music industry! Yipee!
Less Black Eyed Peas and More Nerf Herder please...
Destroy the movie industry...gonna prove to be harder.
I always knew Joss was cooler than most... but this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Happy holidays all!
Now I have an excuse! I'm not online too much, I'm just living Joss's youthful waste of time for him!
Yay Joss! I love that quote. And I agree about wanting to hug him, although I already wanted to do that, for reasons far too numerous to list. ;)

Also, happy holidays all! And hello and thank you from another Whedonesque newbie here! :D
That's awesome!

Welcome newbies! :-)
"Bootleg the puppy" -Joss 1999 quote. Stuff like this is why I idolize Joss. He feels like one of us. Not some suit wearing industry type who looks down on us. Merry Christmas everyone.
awwww - just simply adorable.
I love me my (our) Joss. :)
Ah, that's cool!
Joss has also identified himself as a Deadhead (don't have the quote). The Dead always encouraged bootlegging of their shows. Destroying the music industry would certainly be a good. Once again, welcome new folks!
That's a great little article - nice way to fit in all those comments that don't seem to fit anywhere else. And, yay! Validation is always good.

What a great present! Been lurking for over a year now - love this site, happy to be a newbie. Hi, all!
Wow, welcome to all the new people. (Gee, I guess I'm and old person in more ways than one, now. ;-) )

Yeah, the rebel in Joss is good. It is what gives him the ability to surprise us and the willingness to follow through with it even when it is going to royally piss people off. It makes me smile, even when I'm stunned.

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Joss has also identified himself as a Deadhead...

I knew there was a kindred spirit there!
Nice to see quotes from Joss in my favourite hometown "newspaper".
Regarding being thrilled to be a newbie after lurking here for a while: I'd like to second that emotion.
What a cool Kwanzaa present!
Happy Holidays, and glad to be here.
: )
Welcome, newfolk, come drink of our water and share of our bread or something. By water I mean dark beer and by bread I may actually mean bread ;)

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