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December 26 2005

MWC reviews the new Buffy and Angel character ornaments almost in time for Christmas. It looks like the Angel, Fred and Illyria ornaments are in the normal scale for the series, unlike the figures.

Ahhhh, so that's what my tree was missing this year. I'm totally getting myself a Buffy ornament for next year, I mean whats a Christmas tree without Buffy!
If I put up Christmas Trees, I would put an Angel figure at the top. Only seems right.

Oh, by the way, I'm new. I have been following the site for a long time... finally got to join!
I was wondering how long it'd take somebody to make that joke. Welcome aboard! :D
Those ornaments are abysmal. My cat could design better ones. And what the heck is up with Angel's eyebrows in that second pic on the page?
Boy that Angel is just more atrocious every time I see it. And exactly when did Buffy turn into a pixie?
I think the Spike one is great. The others? Not so much.
I agree, Willowy. The Spike one is good. The Fred one...ugh. Took me a minute to figure out who that was supposed to be.
I wanted to say it first, but yah... Spikey's the best. I wonder how James Marsters feels you know? wut with the seeing a toy that looks like him and all. id be weirded out personally...

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