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December 27 2005

Easter Egg for the Visual Companion - Chinese characters on back cover translate too "If you don't buy this book, your friends will think you're a stupid inbred stack of meat."

Originally spotted this over on the Browncoats forum and had to share. Gotta love Joss!

What a cool find. I'm guessing it's not the first time this whole page has been posted here, but it's the first I've seen. Gonna have to bookmark this one.

As far as this specific one goes, that's so fitting of some of the usage of Chinese in the show/movie, I love it.
For the sake of properly sourcing things, the post on the Versal boards is here.
I did read that when I got my copy, just never really bothered to translate it anywhere.
But it did make me laugh out loud the first time I read it.
I didn't know that at all, and its just the kind of hilarious, cool surprise one would expect from Joss. Shiny!
Ha! That's too cool! :D Never would have expected an easter egg for a book.
Excellent! And it makes me all the happier that I have my own copy. :)
Speaking of Easter eggs, What does everyone think of the one on the U.S. release of the 'Serenity' DVD?
Personally, I think it makes a man out of a mouse. ;)

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