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December 27 2005

DVD Talk names "Serenity" 2005's #1 "Hollywood Mainstream Movie on DVD." Reviewer was unfamiliar with FF series but loved the movie and the disc, and is now eager to check out the series.

Reviewer says "Serenity" is "a prime example of how, on a tight budget, filmmakers can still make a film with satisfactory effects used to back up a good story instead of the other way around." "Serenity" also ranks 9th on their overall "Top 20 DVDs of the year" list.


I'm glad it's making lists and that it's still surprising newcomers.
Yes, very shiny to see Serenity #1 on a list of new DVDs. And even nicer to read that the reviewer loved the movie (which he had never seen in the theater) and is now such a fan of Serenity that he's going to check out Firefly! *Does happy dance and hopes this is just the beginning of the wave of interest in the movie and the Firefly-Serenity 'Verse we've all been hoping for!*
Wow!! This is wonderful news... we've known all along just how amazing Serenity is (not to mention Firefly). It's nice to see that it's now gaining momentum outside of the regular fanbase!!
Wheeee! Another convert! I think Joss should get credit for that one. ;)
Hello fellow Joss Whedon fans and Happy Holidays to all!!! I love this site. I have been a lurker for a while now. Glad that membership opened up again. I missed the window back in September.

On topic. It is really nice to see such glowing reviews for Serenity. The movie deserves every bit of praise it is receiving and hopefully these types of reviews will help to keep the DVD sales strong. Still being #1 on Amazon a week after release can only be a good sign of future sales.
Do we have any way of knowing what dvd sale figures are like? I'm completely out of the loop about these things.

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Well, if nothing else, Serenity seems to be turning out to be a great advertisement for Firefly!
More good news. I still don't think Serenity is a "mainstream film" though, because frankly it didn't reach the massive audience it deserves to. Hopefully in the future it will become a classic, though, and if early sales and reviews are anything to go by, it is certainly on its way.
I think it should have been a mainstream film. Obviously the marketing department did not agree with me...but I'm not bitter. ;-)
Well, it's not an indie film, which makes it mainstream at least on a technical level though I admit the "independent" versus "studio/mainstream" picture divide can be extremely confusing when so many indie directors (Q. Tarentino, the Coen Bros, Spike Lee, etc., etc.) become brand names for studio films
It's very nice to see the movie getting acknowledged by reviewers, hopefully it will boost DVD sales.

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