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December 28 2005

Got Milk Tony? Anthony Head is now doing the voiceover for a British TV advert for Cravendale strawberry flavoured milk.

You can see the advert online. I personally never realised it was Tony, but it is!

Fabulous ad. The strawberry cows want it back...
Oh god, I love those adverts. Never realised it was ASH!
The strawberry cows were great! Actually, all of the ads are good -- what a fun theme -- but the strawberry ad is best (not only because ASH did that one). These are running now on British TV?
Yep, I saw one on TV the other day.

British TV adverts tend to be light hearted fluff.
And if I'm not mistaken, the soundtrack is also from Buffy. It's practically identical to one of the DVD menu tracks.
I believe that music is generic scoring which happens to be used on the Buffy R2 DVD menus -- it's not from Buffy.
This is OT, but, gossi, does that awful frog commercial for the music download still run almost endlessly on British TV? That thing drove me crazy during my extended stay in London this last summer.

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Don't you think the voice on the first ad about the cows in the car park sounds like Ethan Rayne?
Anyway, British tv ads are often hilarious, at least compared to boring German ones.
palehorse - thankfully (I can not stress that word enough) the Crazy Frog adverts are gone. The company who made those adverts actually got fined last week a fair amount of money for breaching advertising codes.
he has a really great voice... I never get sick of hearing him say "Previously, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer..." lolz.

And who can forget all that great singing he did in "Once More, With Feeling"!!!
I loved the previous ad they did, haven't seen this one. Cheers!
I never realised it was ASH. Huh.

Great ad though. Veeeeery spooky.
So so glad those crazy frog ads are gone! My family used to have a competition to see just how fast we could mute the TV when he came on!

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