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December 28 2005

Whedonstuff on sale at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is running a sale on the 1st season of select TV DVD sets for $19.95, including Firefly, Wonderfalls, Buffy, Angel, Tru Calling, and more!

Very tempted to order another copy of Firefly. Also tempted to order Millennium, which I haven't seen an episode of but looks pretty good.
Excellent. I still have never gotten around to purchasing Wonderfalls.
Have all 3 seasons of Millennium. An outstanding series in a class by itself. Compelling and quite graphic at times. I took the opportunity to grab the first season of Murder One. Great price for an excellent (in my humble opinion) show. Thanks for the heads-up Chris Bridges!
Murder One is one of my all-time favourite series. Too bad the second season is not up to par with the first one. :(
Grump! Wish I lived closer to the border... With the Canadian dollar doing so well its worth the exchange. With the price of gas its not worth the drive.
The list is:

Arrested Development
Shield (2nd season)
M*A*S*H (2nd season)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Pretender
Bob Newhart
Tru Calling
Dark Angel
Dark Angel (2nd season)
Lost in Space
Lost in Space (2nd Season)
Malcolm in the Middle
The Lone Gunmen
Murder One

The Wal-Mart near me has a big display by the registers. You know, I need a copy of Firefly for the upstairs...
The Pretender? Heyyy...

Looks like I'll be hitting EVIL Wal-Mart today!
There are stacks of Firefly at half price at HMVs in London/UK as well - though of course not as cheap as this.
I'm presuming everybody here has the FIREFLY, BUFFY and ANGEL sets, so I'm going to recommend three others: Wonderfalls, Lost in Space (S1) and Malcolm in the Middle. "Malcolm" ran out of steam years ago, but even in its death throes, it still has Jane Kaczmarek and Bryan Cranston as Lois and Hal, one of the best sitcom couples in TV history. Buy Season 1 (when Frankie Muniz was still cute) and see how Todd Holland's innovative family comedy paved the way for Arrested Development and many others.

Many people remember Lost In Space as a colorful campfest, but Season 1 was actually a more serious affair: a solid adventure tale transposing the Swiss Family Robinson into space. The first eight (b&w) eps were scripted by veteran sci-fi author Shimon Wincelberg, and Dr. Smith was more deadly saboteur than cowardly cretin. A steal at $20.

And Wonderfalls? Minear. Magical. Get it now.

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Just checked the store flyer on the Canadian site - they have Buffy listed for $20.
Well, I wasn't planning to go out today, I went out yesterday and the traffic was horrible. I hope my WalMart has the ones I want, these are really good deals (except for Buffy Season One which you can get most places for that price anyway). I'm assuming from the comments made that these deals are in the stores, not just at the dot com?
Just wondering if anyone knows...the UK has had the complete boxset of Angel for a while. The US FINALLY got the complete Buffy. Any plans to put out the Complete Angel stateside? And I second the recommendation on Wonderfalls -- underappreciated gold. Also Lost in Space. The early seasons were pretty darn good stuff.
I third the Wonderfalls recommendation. Although its magicalness isn't due just to Minear. The two guys who actually created and conceived of Wonderfalls should get some credit (!). I also urge anyone who can afford it to buy extra copies of Firefly and the first seasons of BtVS/AtS and convert, convert, conver. I'm thinking fondly of Chris in Virginia's incredible efforts in Whedonverse conversion. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't buy more sets from Wal-Mart to continue his good work.

I also second Miss Edith's request for info on the potential for a U.S. version of the UK Angel boxed set. Or even better, will there be an AtS equivalent of The Chosen Collection released for US viewers? (Note that The Chosen Collection is not the same thing as the Complete Buffy set in the UK. The Chosen Collection has an extra disc of new special features that the UK set does not have.)
Yesterday I saw the complete Angel set at Costco. It was in this gihugic box - I dare anyone to fit it on their shelf - and it didn't look like there was anything extra.

At least the complete Buffy had a cool, compact box. This one was ridic.
Yeah, I saw that too, Willowy. It seemed to be all the separate season boxes temporarily packaged together. Once you broke the saran-wrapped seal and the flimsy covering, you'd just have the five boxes. Or at least that's how it looked to me. "Ridic" is right.
Talk about a dillemma for a liberal Whedonite who's parents taught him never to pass up a bargain! I basically swore a couple of years back that not one penny of mine would ever go to Wal-Mart. Well, fortunately, I'm more of a DVD renter than buyer (yes, even of Whedonia -- I do own "Firefly" but partly because the set has always been a good deal) and there's nothing else here that I see as being in the "must have" category for me, except maybe "The Shield" -- but I'll have to forgot that one for the good of mankind. I do have to admit that these are amazing deals, however.

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Since killinj has not mentiioned it here yet, you can alway get a couple of the verse DVD's and donate them to your local library or send them to the libraries that have asked for Whedon related dvd donations from the Whedonverse Multimedia Project.
My local library (Chattanooga TN) is on the list. They've received their copy, though. We aren't that big a city and it's a short list... Was shocked to see Chatt on there.
Yeah, bobster. I work for the same company as the latest guy who made big headlines when Walmart called the police to have him arrested for trying to by gift certificates for our employees with a legitimate company check. Walmart has not come up with why they did that, but he is black and he had always sent his white assistant to pick them up in the past. She had never had a problem. You do the math. If Walmart's name wasn't Mud before, it sure has been at our company ever since.
Wonderful. More reason to NEVER shop at Walmart. As if I needed it. Thanks Newcj.
Tesco mail order also has it in the UK at half price, £17.49.
I bought Wonderfalls for $20 at my Wal-Mart. I didn't see Tru Calling and some of the others or I would have bought Tru. I watched second season, and missed the first. . so, for $20 it's a pretty good deal.
Newcj -- yup, a whole new reason not to shop there -- though I am curious what part of the country you're in. As much as I hate Wal-Mart, I'm actually surprised to hear this. This particular species of racism is so early nineties, shades of Denny's.
I need a copy of Firefly for my girls for Christmas, but they are "Out of Stock" now. Crap.

Edited to add: David Boreanaz's "Valentine" is selling for $3.88.

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As I mentioned on the later thread that has been deleted, all these movies are on sale at WalMart for the same price as on the web. I picked up a couple yesterday, I'm sure it depends on which WalMart you go to as to what titles are there. Also, at my WalMart, although there was a display, there was no price listed, either on the display or the item (it just shows "PR"), but rest assured the price is the sale price when you get to the register. Tru Calling was at my WalMart, so Serenity-88, you might need to try another WalMart.
"Out of Stock" update: it keeps going in and out. I did finally get a confirmed order. I won't take it for granted until the package arrives, though.

If this works out, Chris will be back on my good list. /End sarcasm. He's only been off the good list when I check his page on Wednesdays and there's no new column. And it's been a while since that's happened…

Thanks for the heads up, Chris! =)
Here in the UK, the complete Angel set (limited edition) came out a year after the complete Buffy set (limited edition). That's not surprising as Angel finished a year later than Buffy. So you may have to wait a year for the US Angel equivalent of The Chosen Collection.

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