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December 28 2005

Dawn & Glory up next for 2pack from DST. From 'The Gift' with Dawn in her ceremonial dress and Glory in her ritual attire.

ok, so the Dawn figure looks ok but Glory, The Glorificus!! I don't like it, doesn't do her justice. At least Dawns resembles Michelle slightly! but I'll buy them anyway! :)
No kidding! She looks more like Linda Hamilton than Glory.

Now, all that's left to ask is...dare I?

...Where's Ben?
Wait...are you saying there is some sort of connection between Ben and Glory?

This is my first Whedonesque post and I couldn't be prouder of it.
mmm... i think glory should be wearing one of her tacky dress numbers or something
I am certainly hoping they will have Glory in her ceremonial robes, otherwise that black on black outfit is a crying shame. Glory needs to be in her red dress of course!
I agree, it says that "Glory is clad in her own ritual attire in preparation for her “big day.” I don't think plain black trousers and top are exactly "ritual attire". That is what she was wearing in The Gift, but I assume since this is the first and presumably only figure of the character they would go for a more interesting look, like her actual ceremonial robes or a red dress, so I assume the clothes are temporary. And she definitely needs shoes.

Not too crazy about the likenesses, either, but they're ok.
"Glory" looks more like Gina Torres.

If this company were really smart they could charge you for the Ben figure and never send it. If you complain they'd just say you do actually have it but just can't remember...
Heh, good one zz9.
UGH-LEE. These will NOT be on MY shelf.
omg, I've been vying for a Glory figure, and they give me one of her in pants?? BLACK PANTS??

This is an outrage. I can deal with off likenesses... but I cant deal with Glory not wearing something silky, little and red.
I, for one, love 'em.

Then again, I'm also a tool.
Ms Big Pile Of Dust has customised a wider assortment of Glory figures. This one, I can kinda see the likeness but I think her head's a bit big...
Ha Ha zz9!

The Glory really does look like Linda Hamilton. Not that there's anything wrong with that. For the Terminator line that is.

I wonder if her butt is lopsided.
Please! She was Ben and she just turned into Glory, hence the pants and lack of shoes. I never believed that Ben could wear Glory's shoes, anyway.
Wait... Ben is working with Glory?

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