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December 28 2005

'Big Damn Group Photo' screening of the Big Damn Movie (with beer) this Thursday. The PDX Browncoats are pretty sure the Thursday showing of the BDM at the Laurelhurst Theater -- which serves beer, this being Portland -- is the last big-screen outing in the Pacific Northwest (if not the country). So they're turning out with all their gear and swag for a group photo.

From the PDX Browncoats Yahoo! group calendar: "On the assumption that this is THE LAST big screen showing of Serenity in northwest, we're meeting for the last hurrah! If you've got a Serenity/Firefly costume, wear it. Wear your t-shirts, hats, patches, whatever you've got. And definitely bring your [Serenity] DVDs for the photo. Showtime is 9:40. Bring your cameras and meet at the theater at 9:00 for the Big Damn Group Photo."

ETA - Riverview Theatre in Minneapolis is showing it at 11:30 this Friday night, their 3rd (I think?) week in a row and has been having great attendance. Depending on attendance they may continue running this on Friday nights (-Zeitgeist).

Wow, and I thought only European movie theaters served alcohol!
Added info on Minneapolis showing for Friday night, just confirmed it by phone. If anyone has other showings that they know of, post here and I will add them to the main post.
There used to be many more movie theaters in America that served alchohol than there are now. In fact, my little town used to have one. I think its a tradition we should go back to!
They are reopening at least one of the Cinema Cafes near me that serve food and alcohol. Its a good time :) Less compelling if you have a widescreen hd set, good speakers, and your own booze, but a good time nonetheless.
I'm so against serving booze in a theater. When I go to a movie, I want to see and hear the movie, not the drunk schmos in the row in front of me. God, it's bad enough watching a movie with adolescents in the crowd, I'd hate to add drunken adults to that.
I very rarely have been to any brewpub theater in Portland and been surrounded by "drunken adults." In general, we're not talking about the local mall cineplex serving beer, but about independently owned and operated second-run theaters, and here at least that distinction makes a definite difference.

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FYI, Portlanders: Laurelhurst has extended Serenity for another week, reaching into the new year. In addition, for this additional week (Dec 30 - Jan 5) they've added a second showtime at 4:40 PM (on Friday, Sunday, and Monday) in addition to the 9:40 PM.
Not only can you get a nice brew at those theaters, but typically, as in the case with the Laurelhurst, ticket prices are cheap. Three bucks to see Serenity in the theater isn't bad at all.
FWIW, this Thursday group trip, which I had been referring to as The Last Screening Job because we assumed it would be the last Portland showing, I am now referring to as The Obsession Job, since the point of the photo is to show that we're still seeing it in theaters even though we own it on DVD.
Thinking of grand old traditions for Movies like the Brew-Pub/Cinema Cafe's... I miss drive-in movies. The ability to go to a snack bar and still at least SEE the movie you were trying to watch when the SO asks for more Popcorn or Soda.

putting this post on track though, I think it is great that there are still other states that have the BDM playing... I am in the same state as Zeitgeist.
Must second the experience that not once at Cinema Cafe have I been surrounded by loudmouth drunks. Its just adults who are doing dinner and a movie simultaneously. Loud and obnoxious would get you forcibly removed at least at our local ones.
Just to make sure we're on track: Although this turns out NOT to be the final showing in Portland, this plan for Thursday is STILL ON, so we can get our The Obsession Job group photo of us going to see the movie despite all holding our DVDs in our hands.
While the Portland showings may be the last in the country, they are not the last in the Pacific Northwest. Here in Canada, the UBC Film Society is screening Serenity Jan 6-8 at SUB theatre, and Vancouver Browncoats will be in attendance on Saturday.
Figured this was the most likely place to post this even though it's out of date--The Valley Theater in Raleigh Hills just outside Portland is still showing Serenity.

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