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December 28 2005

Vote Serenity the EMPIRE film of the year. Prestigious magazine opens the voting (Reg Required).

Love how they've used pictures of Serenity to publicise the vote.

I noticed that too, very cool. My votes are-

Best Film- Serenity
Best Director- Nathan Fillion
Best Actress- Summer Glau
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy- Serenity
Best Newcomer- Summer Glau
Scene of the Year- Serenity Barfight

I think it's best if everyone were to concentrate their votes. For example, I thought since Serenity focuses on Mal and River it would be best to vote for Nathan and Summer instead of splitting votes on the other actors, great though they were. It means those we do vote for have better chances of winning.

Not sure about the other choices, I'm going to have to think about them. I'm tempted to put Serenity in for every choice, since it also has many great comedy moments and horror but I think that might be a bit unfair.
You really think Nathan was a better director than Joss?
Does anybody know when voting closes?

By the way, certain people at Empire (which is a huge UK magazine, by the way) may just want Serenity to win a host of these, as they have a proper award ceremony and everything... Strongly recommend people vote for this, and just as importantly spread the word across blogs and forums. I wants me some Glau in London picking up this award, and I'm not alone.
I voted for Serenity,Joss,Nathan and Summer and the bar fight scene.
I voted. Love the picture of Mal on their front page too!
Voted. Put Serenity in for Best Movie, Best Comedy, Best Sci Fi, Best Horror, and so on as well as Summer for Best Newcomer & Actress. Of course, Nathan got Best Actor from me.

Was very tempted to nominate Gina for Best Actress. I think she honestly deserves it but I know Summer will get more votes. I just love Zoe :-)
Hehe, I have to admit I do love Nathan's directing just that bit more than Joss'.

*slaps self for mistake*

What I should have said was Nathan for best actor and Joss for best director.
Mmm...the only thing I didn't do was vote Nathan as Best Actor. Don't get me wrong...he was amazing...and it took me hours to decide...but Bill Murray in Broken Flowers was better. Not by much, but he was.

(Then again, this opinion will probably change many more times...)
Heh, I voted as well. The only thing: I couldn't think of a single brit movie I've seen this year. All brit movies I saw in 2005 turned out to be from 2004 when I checked IMDB. So now I'm wondering: did I see any Brit movies made in 2005? ;-)

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