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December 28 2005

Part 2 of the Greg Edmonson Interview on Firefly Talk 11. The latest podcast contains the 2nd part of the interview with Greg and the 3rd and final part of their review of the Flanvention.

Greg has emailed me back to let me know that anyone who wants to drop him a line can do so at: He also said that he was very deeply moved by his experience at the convention and that the Flans are a constant source of support and inspiration. Very cool :)
I emailed him the last time his email showed up here and he wrote back right away. Seems like a nice guy - as well as talented.
Yeah, just re-commented it here as that post was falling off the page when I added the comment with his email address. Wanted to make sure veryone that wanted to was able to drop him a line to thank him.

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