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December 28 2005

NOW MIRRORED: 'Minimalist' fan-made 'Serenity' DVD cover , courtesy RiverIsMadeOfChocolate. Quoth b!X: "Because this cover isn't intended to do anything such as entice non-Browncoats, I've done away with all the extraneous bits...."

... such as imagery from the film, plot descriptions, and the like. Instead, the focus is on the backing 'plate' to the promotional Serenity logo, with just the film's title and cast and crew information on the back."

You can check out a Flickr photo of the alternate cover in action right here.

Low-rez mirror: click here.

High-rez mirror: click here.

ETA - A mirror for the hi-rez version of 11th Hour's cover is here.

Wow, this one is sweet. I wish I could print it on leather or something... I think I'll have a rotation of 2-3 covers, including this one.
Hmm, might have been nice to print something on the spine, though...

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Considering making up one of my own as well as I was able to snag all of the marketing images directly from 'versal earlier this year (including some fun shots of Summer as they tried to get her hair slightly different). Very hi-res logo and poster shots along with .psd files of various elements of the final posters (ie not just R1). The one that was done by 11th Hour is still my fave fan-made at the moment followed cloely by the one done by The Dark Shape.
TheDarkShape, completed high-res version, pretty please???
Looks like every one is hitting this link at the same time - its verrrryyyyyyyyyyyy slllllllloooooooooowwwww. Any one have a mirror?
Speaking of which, 11th Hour high res DVD artwork:
Re: Slowness. Yeah, once again, much like during the R. Tam Sessions, my DSL is, um, straining under the traffic. Anyone who wants to mirror it is completely welcome to do so.

And zeit, was that the ftp site Versal opened up during the whole "blogger invite to press screenings" thing? I snagged all that, too. It's where I got the nice hi-res logo. And yes, those shots of River from the photo shoot for the US one-sheet are rad.
Guys - is it possible you could zip those photos up and email them to me? Or stick them somewhere online temp and email the URL over? I'd love a copy.
One and the same, 'bix :) Will grab the bits needing mirroring and do so ASAP. If anyone has one or both of these, feel free to email them to me and I'll mirror them, email in profile.
theonetruebix - your dsl must be gasping. I just cancelled a "12 hours to complete download". I'll try again at 7:30 tomorrow when I get to work (morning person!)
that's a quite gourgeous cover.
gossi, they are on their way, zipped
Hi-res logo, PSD files... I know I still don't know most of you, but is there any way someone could send me that stuff as well? I too wanted to make my own cover, but haven't been able to find a great deal of hi-res or usable resources.

Waiting on this cover to download, but looking at the small version, it's very nice. Also, thanks for the link for the hi-res 11th Hour one! I love that cover so much, so now I need to get some decent paper to print it on. I almost want to buy a second copy of the movie for myself so I can use both.
I don't know if there was any license or terms associated with those marketing images, but I sure would love it too if we could all see them... =)

BTW, I think I'll strip the credits from this cover and make it my desktop too.
Will check back in my email from them (think I still have it) to see whether there were specific terms regarding what could be done with them.
Well, the one thing I did put online at one point was the pdf which had thumbnails of all the Summer photo shoot images, just so people could at least see them.

Of course, that file is on the same DSL line that's currently hosed until I get my DVD cover art uploaded to a mirror (which is happening, but, well, slowly, heh).
Low-rez mirror: click here

High-rez mirror: click here

[ edited by HudsonVC on 2005-12-29 05:07 ]
HudsonVC, thanks for uploading that, I at least got a chance to see what all the fuss was about :)
What programs(s) are ya'll using to print the covers?
High-rez mirror now linked above.
I would also love a copy of the zipped up image files if anyone has them.
This is really awesome! I don't miss the llamas at all. ;-) thanks, all, who posted links and mirrors!
Added a mirror for 11th Hour's awesome cover as well (hi-rez version).
I just changed the link on my own site to the hi-res version also so it now resides on my ISP's server instead of my own. See if this (png, 6.7MB) works better for anyone.
Wow, that is really nice. Am thinking I might print it out as a poster tho.
Also theonetruebix and zeitgeist can I possibly have a copy of those zips too?

p.s Hey have ya gotten the package I sent yet Z?
Nix- was going to drop you an email! I did in fact get the package today, thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much :D

P.S. -- uploaded higer rez versions of logo and ship element as .png files to this directory. May upload more or some actualy .psds later but the .psds tend to get huge. I have 2.43GB of photog stuff from the print/promo ftp site.
Thanks everyone re mirrors - took me 10 whole seconds to download just now. Just printed on the office colour laser printer - nice! Gotta go get photo paper now.
Nix- was going to drop you an email! I did in fact get the package today, thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much :D

Oh I'm so glad! Be sure and run off a copy for Barest hey! ; )
(also in the Shindigs section, you'll see a Sydney Browncoats picnic that I edited)

OK sorry everyone else back on topic!
What? what? Can I have one???
Oh I'm soooo sorry Lioness, they're no longer being produced!
(Plus I owed Z a thank you cause he helped me out so much with the Podcast)
I can upload some of it for you tho. Msg me on Flickr.

Sorry for going OT everyone : )
I love this one, and 11th Hour's too.
Well, I love another two too, I can't choose!

I want TheDarkShape's one in Hi-res too.
I want TheDarkShape's one in Hi-res too.

Yeah, and I never even saw, if there is one, a finished version, with back cover stuff. I tried, originally, to do one modelled after The Dark Shape's in addition to my minimalist one, but gave up, heh.
Spanish cover (I like this one more than the R4 one, with the logo):

And details:
* Available Subtitles: English, Espaņol, French
* Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), Espaņol (Dolby Digital 5.1)
* Commentary by: Writer/Director Joss Whedon (Dolby Digital 5.1)
* Deleted scenes and outtakes
* Future History: The Story of Earth That Was
* What's in a Firefly
* Re-Lighting the Firefly
* Joss Whedon Introduction
* Easter Egg - We'll Have A Fruity Oaty Good Time

We haven't got "A Filmmakers Journey" :(
Just posting to say, "Howdy y'all!" Noticed that my alt Serenity DVD cover was getting some attention here, which is great. Good to know that folks are enjoying it. Also wanted to say that the llamafied, hi-res, version of it will be available soon... by request. Seems that llamas and flan have forever found a place in the Serenity canon... and we will forever be having to explain why to newbies...

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