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December 28 2005

Hollywood Reporter places Serenity as 3rd place DVD seller for first week.

3rd place isn't bad at all. It will be interesting to see how the other sites place it in the weekly ranking. I just noticed that it slipped to 2nd place on Amazon with Firefly still in 3rd. Here's hoping it stays in the top 5 through January.
Requiem for a Dream is still selling? Imagine Serenity still being in a top ranking 5 years from now? Yeah.
YES! Waiting for Videobusiness to update their site and the rental figures, however. Although its behind 40 Year Old Virgin and Four brothers... thats not too bad. The question is will it sustain itself.
By the way, Requim for a Dream is selling on VHS. Hehe, I am surprised they are still tracking vhs sales! I dont think Serenity won't be on that particular list in 5 years because VHS will be discontinued.
3rd is really good! And heck, we're ahead of the darn penguins.
Were there any industry expectations of how it would do?
Anyone know how rentals are doing? My local Blockbuster only has 4 copies but they've been out all week.

And hey ! My first post. Yippeeee!
I was just stoked to see Serenity in the top sellers bin in every store I went to when I went x-mas shopping this year.

It also made me happy to have something to watch on my 5 hour flight home after the holidays ;.;
It's awesome to see the DVD sales doin' so well. Everything that I've seen (stats wise) has been really positive. The movie has already increased boxset sales for Firefly which gives me a happy.
Ooh, shiny! We'll convert those masses yet!
Yep, every video store I've been to has had all or most of their rental copies out...and woo, my favorite video store is selling me their Serenity poster when they're done with it (no matter that it's of the horrid cover art)!

I'm so glad it's doing well on disc...

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All of the stores in my area that sell DVD's have been having MUCH trouble keeping 'Serenity' AND 'Firefly' on the shelves. This pleases me. :)
I read on the troll-ish IMDB forum that it debuted on the rental charts at #25 but they didn't link to a source.

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