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"I miss my home. I miss my mom. I miss the gang. And churros. And sex. Great Muppety Odin, I miss that sex."
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December 28 2005

Holiday message from Jewel! Jewel posts a holiday message on her blog.

Now that the madness is over, I have a chance to sit down and write, finally.

Wait, Jewel got a copy of 'Done the Impossible'?! Does that mean it will be sent to those of us who pre-paid for it soon?
I didn't know Jewel is Canadian - wow, that's 2!
I think it was an early, unfinished edit. According to the producers, the dvd will hopefully be ready to ship sometime in January. I think they are planning to have a screening of the finished product at WonderCon in San Francisco, Feb 10-12.

And Jewel is amazing. She was easily the most accessible BDH at Flanvention. Even going so far as to hang out in the bar after the cocktail party talking to fans for hours. Nice to hear she's already planning on attending more cons next year.
I love Jewel more and more every time I read something by her or watch an interview. Awesome, wonderful person.

And I want to hear her sing!
I don't care if I start echoing, I love Jewel. As I'm sure we all do. But it's definitely easy to see where a lot of Kaylee's sweetness comes from. One of my most memorable times from the Flan was when I got to talk to her for about half an hour in the bar, and didn't feel as though I was hogging her time or anything. She was just so happy to talk to people and seemed to welcome a good chat with fans (I of course tried not to act too fannish). I really can't wait to see her or any of the other BDHs when's Flan 2?
The Flanvention in December was also a blast, especially since almost all of us cast were there together, which doesn't happen that often and is always really special and fun, and even more so when Nathan remembers to take a shower.

LOL! I had no idea Jewel was so sweet and so funny -- it's so great every time I read that the BDHs are nice (and pretty humorous!) in person, because it makes it so much fun to be a fan! :-) From what Jewel wrote, and what others are saying here, she sounds really, really down-to-earth and friendly. I'm too young to drink (legally!), but maybe at some con some time she'll be kind enough to chat with fans over coffee or something. Jewel really gets that we're about friendships formed over something we all love -- it sounds like it's the same for the cast. I love my mechanic! ;-)
I'm so proud of the talent that comes from Canada and she's a shiny example of said talent!
Wow... she truly is a wonderful person. Every time I read those entries, I'm struck by how humble she is and how she goes out of her way to make sure the fans know how much they're appreciated. I absolutely love that we've all fallen for an amazingly sweet group of people who never act (or make the rest of us feel) like they're above us ;)
Yes! Yes! What satine79 said! ;-) It's just like in the celebrity trailer for "Done the Impossible" -- the BDHs all say, "I'm a fan," not "I'm the star." They let us know that we are all in the same boat (spaceship?)! ;-)
"Even going so far as to hang out in the bar after the cocktail party talking to fans for hours."

You know, I heard about that after the fact, and really wish I knew she was over there. I did manage to see her when she stopped by the Angel Q&A as a guest and just sat in the back like any other person. Didn't talk to her, but I thought it was cool that she did that. The little I did get to talk to her, yeah, she's about as sweet, normal and nothing at all like a celebrity as one could hope for. If I ever get to talk to her again, it won't be too soon.

Okay, fanboy mode off now.
It's always lovely to hear from Jewel! Nice to know she's doing a UK flanvention, I sure hope we get our one in Oz organised soon!
Oh Jewel, how I love you so. (come to Wizard World Chicago in August, PLEEEEEEASE!... my life has been totally lacking Jewelness)
Yeah, she was in the back of the Angel Q n A. She even bought Dennis and Jonathan a shot! :P She's so cool. Add me to the Jewel fan boat. :P
She sounds like such a great person. I wish that I'd been to some conventions, so that I could've met some of our BDH's.

And does anyone know if Joss or any of his cast and crew are planning on attending the San Diego Comic Book Convention this July? I've never been, and am going, and from what I hear, Joss is usually there every year, and if I'm not mistaken, they even screened a rough cut of Serenity last year at the con.

Here's to hoping I get to meet some of them...

[ edited by UnpluggedCrazy on 2005-12-29 10:34 ]
UnpluggedCrazy, I'm with you. That may be my big trip for the year next year. But only if Joss is there.
Heh, I love these updates from Jewel. But oh dear:

But if you're reading this, I'm hoping you're loyal enough to have bought the damn thing already.

Yikes. Does pre-ordering the R4 version count? ;-)

Other than that, it's a great update again. Especially the 'We've done the impossible' paragraph. I so want to see the finished product, and I'm glad Jewel seems to get the whole fandom.

I'm also looking forward to the browncoat book, by the way, that's supposed to be finished sometime next month, right?
What a wonderful message, Jewel. I think you are by far one of the classiest actors I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Your genuine warmth and great sense of humor make it easy for people to approach you and that's no small thing in that wacky LA environment/movie business. Wishing you all the very best for the coming year, including some or at the very least one fabulous part that gives you the opportunity to shine again, so more and more people can see your light, the way you have shined for all of us.
That was just awsome. My favorite part was: "but I just wanted you to know that I get it." That was just so powerful. And I too am aching to get my copy of Done the Impossible...hopefully they finish soon!
Cool. I can consider myself one of the Browncoats who met Jewel in November. I told her I thought she was fantastic in Serenity. Such a beautiful, well-mannered and friendly woman. I'd definitely go to a convention again to see her.
Wow, it's always great to see the EqualityNow people posting, and with such a lovely message!
The Flanvention in December was also a blast, especially since almost all of us cast were there together, which doesn't happen that often and is always really special and fun, and even more so when Nathan remembers to take a shower.

They're ganging up on Nathan with the stink jokes. If it were me, I'd be starting to wonder if there's a grain of truth.
I'll bet he smells really good and they're just trying to hoard him for themselves and keep the rest of us away from him.
In point of fact, I've been close enough to Nathan to smell any sort of serious funk he might have going on, and detected none. Now, that was at the High Stakes party in L.A. (fundraiser for John Kerry's campaign for U.S. president) and I probably couldn't smell much over the reek of the goat cheese I had in my bra hexing the Bush campaign. I implored Hecate to lower the president's approval rating and make him admit to mistakes, but forgot to include a timeframe. D'oh!
Ah it's always great to hear from Jewel, must make sure I manage to get to one of the conventions she's attending over here next year.
Wow, this is almost eerie. This is twice now that I ask for Dear Roj to return and in a matter of days it does... Scary...

But, it's really great to hear from her. Sweet as a really yummy birthday cake and lovely as those cute cuddly bears you can win in a demonstration of ring toss ability. As always. Not sure how to react to "Matty's" pissing on her but I guess as long as everyone's happy...
*OK, that was a really bad joke... so very sorry for that... just, please stop hitting me with blunt and heavy objects*

I have to confess that I have not yet purchased the DVD *I'm ashamed*. It's just that the evil evil DVD cover scares me and the lack of extras compels me to wait for either the R2 or R4 releases which both looks much tastier. I hope this redeems me for my temporary betrayal of the 'verse.

It feels so good to know all is well for you and I'm so sad that my geographical location prohibits me to visit another year's worth of conventions, meaning I'll still this year miss on meeting you in person (which after the previous joke you might view as a good thing). You're an inspiration to us all. So here's those "new year's wishes" (if that actually is an expression) right back to you Jewel. And to everyone else who might or might not care.

(Can't believe I'm writing this as though she actually will read my post)...

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2005-12-30 01:57 ]
Nope, no green on this horrid cover. But anywho, her whole "I get it" speach...loved it. By the way, watching the fun Serenity extras right now. The "RE-LIGHTING THE FIREFLY" is really moving. God, I love this verse! Can we just be told that the sequel is
Dang. I shouldn't read stuff like this at work.
I actually started getting a little bit teary-eyed for a sec.
Jewel is...well, she's a Jewel.
My boyfriend came to hang out for Christmas, and since he saw (and really really liked) Serenity but never saw Firefly, we had a marathon so he could get the backstory.
I don't remember the episode or what was said, but it was a 'Kaylee moment'. And my boyfriend said, "She's very sweet. She has a lot of heart."
I went into the kitchen and cried like a baby.
[All together now...] A hungry, angry baby.
Now he wants me to lend him my Firefly DVD set.
Anyway, regarding a sequel? I'm hoping the DVD sales are making Uni sit back, smile and say "Might do, might do..."

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