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December 28 2005

Robot Chicken Cover Art. DVD cover art for Seth Green's stop-motion cartoon mechanically clucks its way to

This show was very funny. I can't wait for the 2nd year to start.
Ha! I like the cover. Creepy and weird and perfectly fitting the mood of the series.
I discovered the show on Adult Swim this fall... and absolutely love it. Seriously... what could be funnier than action figures parodying pop culture in a bunch of stop-motion animated sketches? One of the funniest shows ever, I definitely want this DVD.
I really enjoyed the Christmas special.
See, now this is a decent DVD cover ;-)
GVH - just replace the chicken with a llama, pop it on Serenity, and presto - you've got a best-selling DVD.
One of the best shows on television. I just hope it has a lot of special features.
Hmmm, robot llama...I wonder why they never made that show.

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