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December 29 2005

IT geeks found Serenity to be 'disappointing' according to a poll conducted by TechTarget. Though in a Relish Now! article, the movie's box office performance and action figures have been deemed to be two of the 10 lousy geeky things in 2005.

Any article that refers to Firefly as a "short-lived Sci-Fi Channel series" can automatically be discarded.
I was just about to post that Unplugged.
Think these should be 2 differnt posts one is disappointment in the movie. The other is disappointment in the box office (they thought the movie was great).

By the by my roommate and I hold that the problem was the name Serenity with a woman as a lead guys thought it was a chick flick (not saying it's not mind you). = )

Course I can't think of another name to name it.
I was going with the geek vibe. It just took me over.
Ok well thats not true I did come up with a alternative title, "Reaver Madness". My roommate punch me for it man she has a mean left hook.
Reaver Madness!


Oh God, that is good...that is really, really good...
Heheheheeh ya made me LOL then too Ledfeather.
Very funny!
Ok, in my view this isn't that bad. Serenity is not much of a geek movie to begin with. The movie is much more about character development and story than the bells and whistles of technology which was stated in the article as something that is a draw for the IT geekdom. I am in the IT field myself and thought Serenity was OUTSTANDING!! It appealed to me on so many different levels.
From the ten lousy geeky things of 2005 list:

6. Serenity action figures: The movie was great, but it spawned some of the year's lamest action figures. With 10 major characters to choose from, Diamond Select Toys made figures of a measly three characters, one of whom was incidental. Making matters worse, the likenesses were awful. At a time when many action figures capture photo-realistic likenesses, these were just sloppy.

Probably why I haven't gone out of my way to buy them yet...though I wouldn't have minded them for Christmas in addition to the Firefly and Angel soundtracks...

And, for no real reason, I feel like adding that I am still not too old to receive toys for Christmas, as someone has the kindness to gift me with all four wind-up Ninja Turtles. Oh, the repressed geek love for the TMNT comes pouring forth...
Well if the IT geeks were wanting cool gadgets and lasers onboard, they were bound to be disappointed in Serenity. Ironic though, since we know some people stayed away from it because they too expected that stuff and didn't want it.
Well, this IT geek loved Serenity.
Reaver Madness That is a total howler!

BTW: I'm an ITer - and have never been interested in gadget movies (more of an art/foreign film fan). I am, however, surrounded by tech junkies at work. Once of whom saw Serenity, loved it and went out and bought Firefly.

Side story:
I gave copies at Christmas to my brother and a nephew. While some of us were cooking, the rest of the family sat in front of the TV watching my copy, and went right back to it after dinner. My brother went home and watched it again and then watched the extras. Hopefully he will tell all his game freak friends!
I agree about the action figures. Mal looked like he was wearing blush-and terrified, and Jayne looked....well, a bit 'special'.

I guess Sideshow has ruined me for likenesses.
Apologizing on behalf of geeks polled.
This nerd loved Serenity. It was, by far, a better movie than geek classics- better than the Matrix, for character development alone, coherent plot and excellent dramatic turns.
All I thought during the Matrix was "ooooh pretty."
Throughout Serenity, I was enthralled emotionally, intellectually and aesthetically.

I've said it before to some of my friends---
"Joss took some very conservative ideas that have been around in Western lit for years (men go mad without civilization!) and turned those ideas upside down.
It's not man's innate depravity that so often makes us evil, but our desire for purity that so often makes us completely and totally corrupt"

I don't know which IT geeks they interviewed, but this computer geek loved Serenity (and I was never a huge fan of Firefly).
How did they find this out? Which geeks did they talk to? They liked Star Wars Episode 3, but not Serenity? That's insane.

Everyone I've shown Serenity or Firefly has loved it. This is just weird...
Well, this future IT geek liked both Serenity and Episode 3 (though he liked Serenity more), but found the article disappointing because while they gave us the "what" (that some IT geeks found Serenity disappointing), they did not give us the really important part for something like this - the "Why".

As for the Top 10 article, I have to agree with all the points there (exept for the one on House of M, but that was only because I never read it, so I don't consider myself in a position to judge that point and the one on Hakugei, but from the description it sounds like a reasonable pick). The action figures were very disappointing and frankly, I would rather a different company was picked to put out the figures, ToyBiz for instance. Other then that, I have little to add or subtract from the list.
Journal Now is the online version of the Winston-Salem Journal, a local paper for me. I can vouch for Tim Clodfelter as a Whedonite; he and I corresponded during the fan efforts to get Angel renewed and he came out as a fan of all Joss's work (although not clued into this site and certain other Josscentric ones on the web as he was after I got through with him ;)

Haven't seen the Serenity figures, but I'm scared and fairly certain I'll be running into them at Big Lots any time now...

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