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December 29 2005

Serenity wins BBC Film 2005 award - aired on TV. Joss appeared to pick up the award.

Of all the polls so far this is a big one. This is the UK's leading film show. A really big congrats to Joss and the cast and crew.

The resurrection has begun...
Excellent! And well deserved. Uuh, have to give a friend in the UK a call to fire up her VCR...
Wow. This is great. Congratulations Joss and everyone who voted.
Yes! Thats so damn amazing. I'm watching this tonight and dancing round like a maniaz

Or alternatively sitting down with a smile on my face

Maybe a bit of both
Oh how kool! Yay! Go Joss!

(I thought you said this was gonna be a dark day gossi?)

ETA: Strike that last bit, it is a dark one for the US board regulars!

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Oh, I hope someone will record and upload for the less fortunate US viewers...
Oh yes please! And yah for Joss for an excuse to go to England again!
I was sure you were right all those weeks ago gossi!
Congratulations, Joss!!!
Wow! This is fantastic!!!

And I'm with Rogue Slayer. Any chance of it airing on BBC America?
Great news, but I'm befuddled...I'm registered, but can't find any mention of!
In Movie Production, Chris

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Just checked BBC site ( and found no mention of the winner. Is this a leak?
How significant is this award considered by the movie-biz?
Would anyone like to post the actual showing time here for those of us Brits who are interested in seeing Joss but don't want to become Browncoats?
It's 11.55pm I believe.

Joss isn't coming to the UK, he picked the award up in LA earlier in the month (I think I mentioned it within a topic on Whedonesque as it happens).

No real industry significance, but it'll help with promoting the DVD here I presume. I suspect it'll also win the BBC Radio 1 listeners award (broadcast this Saturday) and probably some kind of Empire award, too (Empire win would probably mean Joss, Nathan or Summer in London to pick it up on the night). Things look not bad for BAFTA award nomination also.

These are the good bits. Not as many people saw the movie would should have, but those that did spoke up about it (which includes industry peeps in the UK).
Woo!! Gonna have to tune in to watch that. Now let me check my tv guide to see what time this is on...ah, check, 0:55 Dutch time. Cool :-)
I'm hoping somebody can put up the video sometime later for all the non-Uk'ers(I'm Canadian). But yes, happiness ensues!
The Serenity DVD doesn't come out in the UK until February 27. It couldn't hurt to have this award mentioned, at least on the back. Of course it also couldn't hurt to have some new artwork !
This is the award that Peter Jackson won for three years running for The Lord of the Rings films. Excellent news!
A BAFTA?! That would be really big. Isn't that like the third most important award show in the world after the Oscars and Golden Globes? Well, if that were to happen it could mean big things for our little Fireflyverse.

But audience awards are also great. Sure, the critics will say that Browncoats rallied together and "fixed" the awards but in all honesty, the Star Wars fanbase (who incidentally are atleast 10 times the size of our little fanbase) could have done, and probably did, the same thing.
The list is up on the BBC Film 2005 website now.
It was great that it one, but I was a little annoyed that out of all the films mentioned on the programme, it was probably talked about the least, and how the two guests didn't seem to approve, or even know what it was, at all.

Ah well, at least it won, and at least Johnathon Ross realised how good it was.

And as usual, Joss was great.
Hmmm. That was both fun and dissapointing. Serenity winning the top spot was great, Jonathan Ross who obviously still loves the movie was great as well. However, both studio guests hadn't seen the movie and the win was largely attributed to the fantatical fanbase (that's us, boys and girls ;-)) even using the 'only got to see the movie 5 times' voter quote. So I guess Serenity kinda got pigeonholed as a geek movie with a fanatical and loyal fanbase. And while partly true, I would've liked more attention on the fact that Serenity is, in fact, not just a sci-fi geekmovie but also a truly good movie with multiple storytelling layers. And as top film, I would've thought they'd spend more time on it, but seeing as the guests hadn't even seen it, that didn't happen. Too bad.

And yes, Joss was great as usual. Made me giggle :-)

ETA: Added the joss comment and fixed a confusing sentence ;-)

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Great little speech from Joss thanking all the people in Britainland for voting for.........."Sernnetty"
Yeah, the two guests.. one was a writer, one was a director... Just about every press critic has seen the movie (it had, like, 8 press screenings which is a record in the UK I believe) - but they didn't have critics on as guests to discuss the films.

So, the people they had on hadn't actually seen it, and didn't even know what it was.

Which, by the way, is the summary of the entire problem the movie has had.

I was so excited when the mentioned it on tv. I kind of whooped a bit. The other people in the room looked at me strangely.
So, the people they had on hadn't actually seen it, and didn't even know what it was.

Which, by the way, is the summary of the entire problem the movie has had.

Agreed. I was depressed by the fact they hadn't seen it. I especially didn't expect Neil Marshall, the director of The Descent, who dabbles in genremovies (Dog Soldiers, anyone?) not having seen Serenity. Whereas they both seemed to have seen every single one of the other movies in the top 10. It's just sad, honestly.

But oh well, at least Serenity won. It'll be something to use in the british promotion campaign for the DVD, I guess.
Well I recorded it for the purpose of uploading...only to find out my comp's dvd drive can't handle dvd-rams :(
Never heard of Neil Marshall. Who was the writer guest?
It would have been so nice had they talked about the film for, well, more than two seconds.

Nice to see the BDM win an award. I wonder what, if any, impact this will have on rentals in the UK once the film is released.
Who was the writer guest?

Steve Pemberton of the League of Gentleman.
Weird to hear Steve (League of Gentlemen) Pemberton so sniffy about sci-fi. Shame his co-writer Mark Gatiss wasn't on instead (his Dickensian Dr Who ep was one of the best with a decidedly whedonesque amalgam of wit, fantasy and characterisation). Still, stunning result, and maybe they'll all go watch it now. Round at Jonathans.

My first post by the way, so ... hi y'all.
Weird to hear Steve (League of Gentlemen) Pemberton so sniffy about sci-fi.

Yeah, that struck me as odd as well, the whole sniffy attitude. I'm glad Jonathan Ross was there to even things out, but I always find it odd when people get weird about sci-fi or fantasy outings. People don't seem to understand there are quality genre books, movies and tv shows out there which have as much resonance with the real world (and sometimes more) than non-genre fare. Serenity is a great example of that. Instead some people assume it's campy worthless pulp at worst or non-intelligent geeky action at best (although, to be fair, Steve didn't say any of this). Ah well.
Excellent. Thank you gossi.
Nice with the spoiler there...
If that is not the greatest acceptance speech of all time... then name a better one!
Just saw the acceptance speech by Joss. It's short, to the point, and from the heart. Still, the prize itself is a bit bland. How about a trophy instead, the kind that has an evil ex-cheerleader mom trapped inside?

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Ah, excellent gossi, thanks! I couldn't tape or cap it, so now I can relive Serenity's moment of glory ;-).
TheShinyFox capped it for us :)
Joss was very funny, but didn't seem very happy. Perhaps it was a bitter sweet victory for him!!!

Congratulations to the great browncoat of the galaxy.
Beautiful. Congrats to Joss and Co. for winning this award.
Thanks Gossi for the file.It was hi-larious.One thing though, am I the only one who gets mildly irritated when Browncoats are referred to as rabid or fanatic by the media? Surely, there are other ways to describe the fans without using words with such negative connotations. What's wrong with passionate or dedicated.
It just seems lazy IMO.

Edited because I clearly haven't learned to proof-read.

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Thanks, gossi, it's always great to see - and hear - Joss. And congratulations to Joss for the first of what should be many accolades.
gossi - have you taken that link down? I was hoping to downoad it, but it doesn't seem to be there now. If you have, then never mind.

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