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December 29 2005

Archive site for materials from Universal Serenity Movie board. (Registration Required) This is a thread on the Universal site with the address for the new Archival Site.

Thanks should be given to Relight for setting this up.

The Archival site will be

It seems that the Archival site has been updated with a bit more info. And I forgot to say, my 1st link post yay!

Since the website is going offline, is it worth linking to it? (Irony!)
I'll be doing a ton of development work on the site tonight so that everyone can get an idea of how it'll shape up, and then anyone is free to make contributions to it...
Kurya, the fireflyguidebook html dropped a "=" - all better now.
You can also see the announcement over on the gossiboards.
Ohhh ok DOH! Thank You ... and I am aware of the irony of linking to it... but I was able to link to the site and not fireflyguidebook. The gossiboards... lol. Gossi is taking over the browncoat fandom... so thats his plan all along.
World domination eh, Gossi? I knew it all along! ; )
I have to admit, it's really strange how things have panned out. I seem to be inheriting Joss sites faster than, well, a very fast thing.
Frankly, I feel on more solid ground with gossi in charge than the corporations. They do it ultimately for money -- not evil, just the way it is for corporations -- but gossi is doing this out of passion for the 'Verse. He's one of us. One of us, one of us!

What was it someone said about love keeping your ship in the air? ;-)
Do I have to quote "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely?", just Jossing you Gossi....hehe I used Joss as a verb.
Anyway Im sooo thankful for the oppurtunity to post here and on the new site.
I have to admit, it's really strange how things have panned out. I seem to be inheriting Joss sites faster than, well, a very fast thing.

Yea, I suppose you've been fairly well recognisable, what with your own website, contacts with UIP, and the petition! That's pretty kool hey!

I used Joss as a verb.

At the Sydney Q&A it was remarked that 'being Jossed' meant having sex and then having your relationship smashed...I'm sure you didn't mean that did you kurya. *sniggers*
Nice post, billz.

I was saddened by the news of the closure, but heartened that browncoats jumped to the call. Kudos and heartfelt thanks to all involved!
Uhhhhh No....Nixygirl. My friend constantly used the phrase "I was just jossing you" when she was either teasing or kidding me. Maybe its a Texan thing. And no I didn't mean having sex and that other stuff. At least I did not mean that then...hmm.
Hahahaha it's all good kurya I was just joshing you too!
(I've always said joshing, same diff tho, I just thought that was funny!)
I'm kind of evil.
; )
For anyone interested, there'll be an FTP setup later tonight for anyone who has stuff to upload to contribute to the archival site. The address will be given on the website. Keep an eye on the thread in the new gossiforums or on the website for updates.
All hail how hard everyone is working together to make this happen! Damn, we're civilized folk (but in the good sense)! ;-)
Major PROPS to gossi and Relight for making another home for us to gather. I agree that archiving as much as possible from the Universal board is important in order to keep a record of the growth of the BDM.
I don't mean to be a pain but will we have an A/V Room Gossi?
I don't mean to be a pain but will we have an A/V Room Gossi?

Potentially - depends if we have anything to put in it

I'm currently working on a project to automatically archive the entire US forum remotely. It's not as easy as it sounds and actually putting it on online presents issues, but it might come together.
Thanks so much for doing this!!!
Just a note, according to a post on the UB(universal board.... see im trying to start a new conventionism thing), Gossi is attempting to archive the site using a program, its at 7% now, and he said by the time its done, itwill be 10GB. Any ideas on how to host it?
From a tree!

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