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December 30 2005

Nathan Fillion - "The truth is I'm a dork". Cute interview with Nathan and his mother.


To steal someone else's word, that's totally "adorkable"!
Wonderful interview. I take it that we geeks are in fashion again? Who made that call? I like being different.
No wonder he loves us -- he is us. One of us, one of us. ;-)

Hope you get over your flu, Nathan. It's awful to be sick at Christmas! :-(

Nathan's mother sounds totally awesome, too. She's got everything in perspective, totally down-to-earth...and funny! Well, I guess when your son is a TV and movie star who's still a TNG geek, what else can you do but have a sense of humor? ;-)

Happy holidays, Cookie! *waves*
Awwww, he's so gorgeous. I could just bundle him up and keep him tied to a chair in my basement.

But apparently there's laws.
I love my Captain (and his mother)
Heh: "Really, we're just happy he found something to do." That's such a mom thing to say ;-).

But, yes, great little interview, this. Nathan is dorky like us. Woo! You've gotta love the guy for that. But, c'mon: He likes any superhero movie. Loving all superhero movies? Really? That includes Catwoman and Batman & Robin, y'know.
Nice... but short. Where's the meat of the interview? He spent so much time building up and had like... three quotes from Nathan.
It seems like JW projects attract the dorky types. Not all of them mind but there isn't anything wrong with a couple of Trekkies in the mix.

Anyone else want to see JM and NF going off on a ST tangent. :0)

His mum sounds nice.
Nathan is so awesome. It is nice to know that being geeky is considered cool.
I just have to say awwww. Such a nice interview.
Hope I get to meet him someday, like some of you other lucky guys.
My first thought, to be honest? I wish the writer hadn't gone on about how easy it was to get ahold of Nathan's family. I suspect they're going to get a lot of phone calls, soon...
Agreed, Chris.
Much like Nathan calling people to fight the evil comicbook store owner. These people from Edmonton don't realize they are addressing the world! But to be fair, I live in Toronto where there are quite a few "famous" people and they do not have unlisted phone numbers. Well, Margaret Atwood probably does now but many of us know where she lives because it is no big deal. We are not going to bother them.
My first thought, to be honest? I wish the writer hadn't gone on about how easy it was to get ahold of Nathan's family. I suspect they're going to get a lot of phone calls, soon...

*nods sadly*

We are not going to bother them.

I definitely trust the good manners of Canadians, but it's us Yanks (and others who simply are "yanks" ;-)) whose respect for personal privacy can be a little lacking at times. For example, the frakking crazies overly flustered fans like the "gropers" Nathan recently posted about on the 'Versal board. Or paparazzi, ew. :-(

[ edited by billz on 2005-12-30 17:23 ]
"Really, we're just happy he found something to do."

I loved that too, GVH; very chucklesome. Classic parent statement. But it was probably edited, the remainder being, "...I just wish it were steadier work -- like his brother!"

(First post! Woo hoo!)

Well, you can come to LA and find out where many famous people live by going on a tour or buying one of the billion maps available.

But ya know, trying to get past Tom Cruise's security might be a bit tough....if you wanna see an insane person for some reason...
Swoon. He's simply delightful, isn't he?
Great interview. Great guy.

Its very rare to find someone as down to earth as Nathan, and not the usual "down to earth" that celebrities are called, when they're not actually down to earth. (Like Summer Glau and Jewel Staite. Those diva's! Always with the demands!)

He seems like such a nice guy. Beat me with hard and jagged sticks for using the 'nice guy' cliche, but it really does sum him up.

In short. I like him.
"Man, I could park a Buick in those nostrils."

*snorkle*! Lovelovelove my captain!!
A ruckus by Firefly fans led to its continuation in the Serenity film.

We made a ruckus. I love that word. Its a very 'verse word.
Hmm, another word I like is "ensue", I just love that word. Yeah, I was worried when I saw the journalist wrote up how easy it was to get to Nathan's Mom. I hope they change & unlist their phone numbers. As much as I love the fandom, and the browncoats are the coolest, there are a few oddballs who may think its a good idea to....
I had the pleasure of walking back to our hotel with the Fillions ("Bob and Cookie, dear"), after the premiere. Those comments in the interview are completely her. Great down to earth folks who love and support their son and keep his feet on the ground I'm sure.

Good people.
Definitely could have been longer. Still, must cut it out and keep it somewhere safe. Support the home team lol! Okay, the teams consists of one really odd guy, but hey, that's the way we like him!
Yea, I was a little concerned when I read that he got the number out of the phone book. I think every Fillion it will be getting a call soon. Shame isn't it. I do so hope people use restraint, or tranquilizers if restraints don't work! ; )
Yikes, I must confess I hadn't thought that people would be trying to get a hold of the Fillions now, after this interview. Apart from our little fandom, not many people are going to see this, right?

I'm a journalist (or well, an aspiring journalist who currently interns at a magazine), and I tend to call people up to ask them for interviews (granted, those are usually scientists. The occasional astronaut is about as 'glamorous' as it gets - no actors or actresses, that's for sure), but I wouldn't have the nerve to do it, even if I dd think it would not be creepy to do so. What're you gonna say? "Hi Nate, I'm a weird fan who called random Fillions to get a hold of you"? If you're calling him for an interview, fine, but for what other possible reason would you even wnt to bother the guy or his parents at home? If you're a fan, I mean. But I guess I'm maybe just being nave about this.
This just makes me love him even more!
UnpluggedCrazy said it best! - completely adorkable!

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