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December 30 2005

Greg Edmonson posts to a fan and talks about his love for Firefly and mentions the Flanvention. Link goes to the post he responded to.

"Firefly was/is a labor of love for me but the fans just continue to astound me. I recently slipped into the Flanvention in LA and I had the most wonderful time just talking with people that I had never met before--what we had in common was a love for Firefly. It was an eye opener for me."

I have to say that if I had one single disappointment when it comes to Serenity it was that Greg Edmonson was not allowed to compose the music for it. Hopefully when we get the next instalment in the Firefly universe Greg will again be involved.
I have and really love my Firefly soundtrack CD and I have and really love my Serenity soundtrack CD - that's TWO CDs from our beloved little series. I agree that it would have been terrific if GE had done the film as well as the series, and if there's more (someday, somehow), I hope GE is a part of it.
In part of because how awesome he is (but mostly b/c my FIREFLY-loving friend loves soundtracks as well) I finally broke down and bought the TV show soundtrack. It really is lovely and... intensely of the show.

Plus, money in his pocket? yay!
I finally got my Firefly soundtrack (it shipped with my Serenity DVD), and listening to it really brought the scenes that the music played in to mind. I mean... I guess that makes sense that it would, but it really shows how much his music is ingrained in our minds as a part of the Firefly experience.

And it is really nice to be able to own that part of the experience at long last.

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The firefly soundtrack is on my wish list, but I was lucky enough to get the serenity soundtrack for christmas. IMHO I think Joss was very adamant about separating Firefly from Serenity. He wanted it to have a movie feel, that's probably why DN was hired rather than GE.

The serenity theme is absolutely gorgeous. I get all tingly when I hear it and imagine that first scene with serenity. I plan on choreographing a small piece to it, I think a trio perhaps.

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