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"The words 'Let that be a lesson' are a tad redundant at this juncture."
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December 30 2005

Joss posts on Universal board. "Good Night and Good GOD there's something on my leg!" "Ahh! Spider! Spider! No wait. Lint. Ahh! Lint! Malevolent lint!"

Oookay, where was I?

Oh, hey, wow, a Joss shoutout to Teen Girl Squad. That may qualify as making the end of my year.

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Joss and Homestar Runner... what more could a person want?

You're right... cheese. Cheese is good.
The Angelix?
Good G-d but he's a funny man. Most welcome chuckles there.

And for the record, I didn't get almost any of those refs - I could google but I feel the time has probably come and gone . . .
Always and forever, advantage Joss.

And curses on my parents for not being from Norway...
I onced faced the evil lint myself. I was out cold for about a week, but I shall have my REVENGE!
That is so cool. I love that guy (in a platonic manly sense... *cough*). Most of those refs I did not get, but Im sure they are hilarious. And his reaction to a spider, I can totally understand. I hate spiders of all kinds, and if I saw one on my leg, I would scream like a 10 year old girl(in a manly way of course).
This is how things should be everyday. Start of the day with a glorious award acceptance speech for the man himself (including all kinds of mispronunciations of Serenity). Then follow that up with a post from the very same guy that's heart felt yet filled with unparalelled funnyness. Everyday I tell you, everyday.
So, what's on the menu for tomorrow... Hmmmm... how about a lateish GG nom for "Most Unjustly Overlooked Future Classic"? Yeah, that sounds good.

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Love his verse, love his art, love his wit ... *shrugs* ... might even love his lint.
Joss came through for us again. I wouldn't have minded had he not, he is right - things move on but it was nice of him to take time from his writer's block to post.
So, in the spirit of "archiving," anyone want to post his post here, for those of us who never registered over on the Serenity board and don't see much point in doing so now?
That was so Joss and so glad to see.

Now with Uni board going dark I have made my donation to this here whedonesque board to keep it up and running. Seeing that it is needed now more than ever. If for anything else than to have somewhere Joss can randomly post and take up the whole front page and forget passwords too.
Jeez, I'm glad I was not the only one not to catch all the references!

A nice and typically funny au revoir to the Browncoats. Gotta love him.
Post subject: Good Night and Good GOD there's something on my leg!
Ahh! Spider! Spider!

No wait. Lint.

Ahh! Lint! Malevolent lint!

Oookay, where was I? Um, time of sadness... transition... live forever in our hearts....

Sorry, I want this post to be really special, I'm just going through my notes. Be with you guys in a sec.

Ahhh... done the improbable... joke about dolphins... majestic DVD art... OH! Hey! Here we go:

Thanks a bunch.

Cool. I thought that went well. Some sentiment, but not maudlin... quality post. The one to go out on, if nobody notices my irrational fear of lint. I think the Browncoats will gain strength from my timely message, or from working out regularly. Anyway, my heart will go on. My liver's a house of cards, though, I kid you not.

Callous? Who said that? Maybe you're callous, mister TROLL! I'm not callous. I got the same feeling when I heard the board was closing down as every one else. But I'm old. Really, really old. Like, Keanu Reeves Old. (God, he's well preserved.) So I've seen this before. The Bronze. The Angelix. The Portly Norwegian Bondage House. All come and gone. What remains? Only two things. The first is Homestar Runner. Go Homestar! Teen Girl Squad! Let's get ready to look SOO GOOD!

The second, guess what, is love.

No flying lessons, don't worry, but what we get from the shows, the films, and the time on these boards -- from each other -- just can't get shut down. You guys gave me so much hope and support... and I gave you a movie so, you know, advantage me. But still. What this place was is sweet, what it will always be is treasured.

I got props for the Uni's for putting this up -- oh, and for making my damn (excuse me, BIG damn) movie. All things must pass. We'll find each other again, especially if any of you are portly, Norwegian and 'open-minded'.

I'll do my best to tell stories that cause as much trouble as this one did. And if I ever get the chance to return to this one... in case it was ever unclear due to shoddy journalism, sign me right the hell up.

You guys are the best crew flying.

Thanks a bunch.

Ah, Joss posts and is funny as always. I almost hate him for always being funny. Almost, but not quite. Or at all, even.
See, I knew there was a reason I loved this guys work!
It's the lint, and fear of spiders.
(not to mention the love of portly Norwegians)
Can't breathe...can't see...tears are clouding my vision. Give me a quick mo' while I gather myself.

OK. So, I'm kinda late to the party, but Teen Girl Squad RULES. I'll just add it to another website I can't go to while I'm at work.

I had to get under my desk because I was laughing so hard I couldn't stand to walk out of the room. couldn't breathe.
Joss is awesome. A reference to the "majestic" DVD art, Homestar Runner, and the EW article (I just noticed something, btw.. "ewwww" ;) )
Love his verse, love his art, love his wit ... *shrugs* ... might even love his lint.

Ditoo. That's the spirit.
Joss! Don't make me laugh when I'm trying to recover from bronchitis! Serenity rules! And, of course, love, and, um, Homestar Runner. Hee. [cough]
Well, we still have Joss and we still have Whedonesque (wanting to pour sunshine on a rained-on parade, heh, heh.)*

(We now return you to our rainy conditions . . .)
Ha! That was great.

Glad to see The Bronze remembered, and any time Joss references Homestar Runner is cause for celebration.

Let's all go buy parsnips before Bubs runs out.
majestic DVD art

I hadn't noticed that before. Joss, you scared the word majestic for me now. I'm suing. Phoning Oprah. Right now. Right after this beagle.
I copied Joss' remarks, and added them to my blog, so I can have it as long as my blog exists...or forever.
Portly Norwegian Bondage House? I wonder what that means, but I shouldn't
By the way, gossi, what are you doing with that beagle?
bagle. beagle. I'm confused.
gossi's doing what with the Bangles?
I hope he means bagel and he's not eating puppies now. Cuz that's wrong. Kinda.
I am having visions of long, playful games with beagle, bagle, bagel, bangle (it always comes back to buffy). Just like the Ben/Glory chortle-fests of yore.
Gossi, does Tim know you have one of his beagles?
dealing in black market beagles, are we now gossi? hmmm?
Maybe he bagged a bunch of bagels, or his brace of barking beagles bolted into the blue which caused his brain to blunder.

Sorry, too much coffee today.
TamaraC, don't tell him. He'll be mad. I didn't sell it on ebay or nuffin'.
Wait a minute -- so gossi is now running a garage band featuring the bugle, the bongo and a team of Boggle players? Jeez, that guy has so many hobbies... ;-)
hee, double, look over THERE... :(

BTW, has anyone noticed that our board membership is slowly creeping up...? (Er, foreshadowing? Taking aboard the displaced posters? Sounds good to me in any case!)

[ edited by billz on 2005-12-31 00:54 ]
Where, where??? Oh bagles scrummm.
Yep, it says on the front of the black we've gone up by 673 members over Christmas! Which is always fun.
There are a lot of people on the Browncoats Board who are frantically asking 'Where can I get more Joss? Does he have a blog? Does he post anywhere else?" and of course, fingers point to Whedonesque as surely and somberly as the Ghost of Christmas Past pointed in the Alister Sim version of the Christmas Carol.
Gossi eating beagles. Don't tell Tim. Check.

Maybe he bagged a bunch of bagels, or his brace of barking beagles bolted into the blue which caused his brain to blunder.

LOL! Nothing much to add, just wanted to see this sentence featured twice in this thread.
The esquester speaks and once again I start to doubt myself as a real in-the-cultural-mix-kind-of-guy with his "Teen Girl Squad" (??) and Homestar Runner (??)...I'm guessing kids' shows, since Joss has got 'em (kids, I mean).

Anyhow, I'd say nice things, but my friends have long since suggested that I should marry Joss since I love him so much (which of course leads into a discussion of that Buffy episode wherre....). It has to end somewhere.
You know, my labmates feel I am a Joss worshiper, and I can understand why they think it, but I can not help it! Its not like I am a blind follower, but that man can inspire and show alot of love! One labmate was thinking this is a cult, I often joked(joking being the thing), that we are like hare krishnas, just without the chants and the shaven heads. Although there is the chinese swearing.
You haven't shaved your head, yet? Huh.
I've already told me girlfriend that IF I was gay, and IF Joss was gay, and IF he met me and fell in love with me and gave me the secret to his All Conquering Mind, I'd marry him.

She seems strangely unconcerned.
LOL at Joss and his everlasting humor, I'm just wondering what whats with all the Norwegian mentionings...? LOL, only wondering cause it's not often I hear about my country all of a sudden :P
Didn't know whether to laugh, cry or cut'n paste so I could keep his words forever. A good way to end the year with more words from the genius.

The dolphin joke wouldn't have been 'so long and thanks for all the fish?' Or were they porpoises?
As much as I love Joss, and we all know me loves me some Joss, I can't help but feel a little dumb after reading his posts. I tend to never know his references, but me loves me some Joss no matter.

BTW: Just watched Serenity with commentary for the first time. I enjoyed his joking during Wash's death. It was refreshing.

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