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December 30 2005

Mention of Amy Acker in TV Guide's "Watercooler." Spoilers for Lost, Veronica Mars, and Supernatural for people outside the US.

"Her cute little accent [on Supernatural] reminded me of when she first showed up on Angel as a goodie-goodie before transforming into the evildoer she later became and the troublemaker she is now portraying on Alias."

Hmm, I suppose it's all subjective, but I wouldn't call Illyria evil, myself....Just misunderstood.
Speaking of TV GUide, did I imagine that Joss was writing a column for them last week?
Yes he did, but unfortunately the column didn't make it onto the TV Guide website.
Ah, thanks Simon. I had a friend looking through the entire Canadian version of the TV Guide, but she found nothing and was convinced I had dreamt the entire thing.
Aaah, Amy. More Amy on screen, please. That having been said, I still haven't watched that Supernatural ep. I have it right here, mind you, just haven't gotten around to it. Ah well, it'll still feature Amy if I watch it in 2006. (Did that make any sense? Does using 'Amy' in this message four times make me look obsessive? Is there a cure? Should I stop typing? Yes? Check.)
I enjoyed Amy in Supernatural, such a gifted actress. Looking forward to seeing her in season 5 of Alias (haven't caught any yet, but will!). Yes, GVH, more Amy on screen would be a very good thing.

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