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December 30 2005

Happy B-day to our favorite Rogue Slayer Eliza Dushku. Faith is 25 as of Dec 30th.

Many happy returns, and many more to come.
I had no idea Eliza was that young, I guess because I was so used to the rest of the cast being so much older then the characters they played I assumed she was too.

Happy birthday Eliza!
the rest of the cast being so much older then the characters they played

Not entirely true. Mercedes McNabb is the same age as Eliza, Michelle Trachtenberg was almost precisely the age she was playing, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Benson, and Amy Acker are only a few years older than their characters.

Not sure whether ASH and Alexis are actually older than Giles and Wesley are supposed to be or not. I suppose it's most true for Charisma and Nicky, who were both at least 10 years beyond high school age - but passed happily, in my view at least, - and for JM and DB, who could get away with it by being of somewhat indeterminate vamp age . . .
Wow, I almost got excited until I finished reading the headline...thought it was my birthday again!

Ah, to be 25 that I'm 26, I can look back on those carefree days with misty longing....*sniffle*
Glad to see she is still young. She will be in good shape for that upcoming Faith/Spike tv series.
wow I had no idea she was that young either.
Hee, hee. Happy birthday, Eliza. And Rogue Slayer, you have many years before you. I'm 42 and I'm still bouncing around.

Speaking of which, SoddeningNancyTribe, will there be a New Years link to celebrate Whedonesque?

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MadH, I imagine that'll be up to those who will be celebrating first over there in Europe and points east. Here on the left coast, we are still some 24 hours away . . .
Ah, that makes sense. Regardless of time zones, I just wanted to wish you a happy new year.
A very Happy Birthday to you, Eliza! Best wishes!
Happy Birthday, Eliza! :-)

When I told my mom you were 25, she said, "Still young enough to tell people her real age!" lol
Happy Birthday Eliza!
Looking forward to seeing her kicking ass for many years to come.
Heh, Happy Birthday Eliza! Welcome to the wonderfull age of 25. I've been there a couple of months now and can assure you it feels fine.

(It still feels odd to post as if directly talking to someone who in all likelyhood won't even be reading this, by the way ;))
*blows into harmonica*

*sings - to the tune of Volga Boatman*
Happy birthday (grunt)
Happy birthday (grunt)
May the candles on your cake
Burn like cities in your wake.
Happy birthday (grunt)
Happy birthday (grunt)
(Belated) Happy Birthday, Eliza. Actually, I saw her in Dog Meets God the day before, and she was great (as was the play itself, and everyone in it, in fact - I'd recommened it highly).
Happy Birthday, Eliza! Just watched This Year's Girl and Who are You. So good.

On a side note, loved Eliza in The New Guy. I know it got horrible reviews, but this movie was so funny.

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