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December 31 2005

The Captain's Up Late. For those of you wondering if Nathan Fillion was going to stop by the Universal board to sign off, stop wondering -- a brief shout-out to Joss's earlier message has now appeared.

Everyone's been worrying about where Joss and Nathan and the rest of the cast will post, once the UB vanishes into the black...I keep telling everybody not to long as Whedonesque keeps flyin', we're all set! Thanks for that post...a perfect way to start the day!
Could someone post the message for those of us who aren't registered there? Thanks.
Nathan said:

Joss WHO? Not ringing any bells.

That was funny!

ETA: Happy New year's officially 2006 where I am in Oz.

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-12-31 17:17 ]
Cheers, nixygirl! Cheers, Australia! It will be great to see if we can track New Year's around the globe. :-)
Happy New Year everyone!

(Although I still have five hours to go myself)
Since I'm unlikely to be online at midnight (I'm at my parents' house and they'll be in bed with the computer just outside their room) I'll add to the Happy New Year wishes now :)
Hmm, exactly 12 hours to go here in LA. Though I hear they added a second to this year...
I won't be online at midnight either, so Happy New Year to us all and may we continue to receive all sorts of Jossian goodness.
And it's officially 2006 in Budapest, Hungary! Love to y'all and let's keep flying, 'cause no power in the 'Verse can stop us!
I have six hours to go, but I will be at a friend's house at midnight so I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy New Year.

It's 0:15 in Amsterdam. Happy New Year to all. (Whedonesque time is off by an hour.)
New Year in NYC. Happy 2006!
12:25 here in Illinois....Happy New Year!
Oops! Posted to another thread and forgot this one when it hit midnight, Mountain zone. Happy New Year! :-)

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