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July 18 2002

Well, at least they look nice. Emmy nominations are out, and looks like Buffy got four different ones, three for Hell's Bells and one for Once More With Feeling. Of course, none of them were any of the big ones, just makeup, hair, and "outstanding music direction." Scroll down a bit to actually get to them.

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Wah. All right, I'm over it. The West Wing is apparently so dazzling that they couldn't even limit themselves to five entries in the 'Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series' category. WW got four of the six nominations. And three of the five for 'Outstanding Supporting Actress.' Well, we can take much comfort in the fact that if Buffy ever has a special courtroom/political drama episode, it'll probably get at least four nominations.
This article at suggests SMG ruined it for herself by snubbing the Academy.
It's been said before, but it's worth mentioning again that SF / Fantasy, gets no respect from the "artists" (Who are busying themselves trying to show how relevant they are by focusing on politics, both on and off screen). I've stopped expecting them to get their heads from out of their own backends for quite some time now.
Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series! Woohoo! ^_-

At least Once More With Feeling got noticed, and judging from their competition in the Outstanding Music Direction category it looks like a good chance to win.
Emmies-schmemmies, once again, the same old same old! Who believes the whole 'error on the ballet' thing? Patent Hollywood snobs! West Wing? Sod all!
Why are the emmies even considered valid any longer? People give them validity by treating them as if they are valid but they're not and haven't been for years.
I think the academy views it as a Teenage show for SF geeks. As a society we tend to respect "realism" as a general rule anyways.

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