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March 03 2003

Joss Whedon on how hard this year has been. "I won't do this again, I won't do three shows at once". One of his most revealing interviews to date.

From what I work out this interview was done to coincide with the season 7 premiere in Australia, so it was conducted just before Sarah left.

"Men, we're going to take that hill ... well, probably not, most of us will probably die, we probably won't take the hill ... we don't need the hill to win the war, I don't think morally we should win the war and, anyway, I'm afraid of hills ..."

I think we should print t-shirts with this.

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Interesting that he says he's overpaid. I wonder how he feels about actor rates/demands.
If he sticks to his guns about never doing three shows again, then it's doubtful there'll be a spinoff worth seeing. Assuming Angel survives to season five (and those odds are still equivalent to a weatherman talking about a 20% chance of rain), Whedon will already have his hands full. If he and ASH take this "AfterBuffy" opportunity and attempt to record six or more episodes of Ripper for the BBC like they've been hinting at for a couple years, Whedon's plate will be full for the next year.

This means no Whedon-helmed spinoff to replace Buffy this upcoming fall. And if Whedon's not behind "AfterBuffy," Alyson Hannigan will probably not return. Nicholas Brendon and James Marsters are more iffy. They could go either way if Whedon's not there. For me, a spinoff would have to have those three core characters to really interest me.

We already know Marti Noxon's walking. I would personally tune in if she were helming it because I loved her work in season six, but I am in the minority. You don't need Buffy to do an "AfterBuffy" spinoff. You don't need Giles. You don't need Anya. You do need Spike, Xander & Willow. You can get away with or without Dawn, Wood, Andrew, Kennedy, Clem..

You can have a post Buffy tv series if Joss Whedon is at the helm, but if Whedon's not in an influential place to make sure the stories told stay true to his ideal, fans of the old show will lose interest, and many diehard fans would probably not tune in at all. A waning cult following coupled with too many plot tendrils from a series the newly attracted viewers don't understand? It'd be best to start completely from scratch, but that's what Whedon tried to do with Firefly.

If someone other than Whedon tries to make this happen, they might as well have the Scooby Ensemble re-produce scripts from My Mother The Car. No Whedon? No Spin-off. Damn shame. There's still a lot of stories to tell with these characters. I don't mean Buffy. Her tale has been told. However, the stories of Spike, Willow & Xander are just beginning. Personally I think each of them could spinoff separately and if Whedon were involved, I'd sure tune in. However, Whedon's faced his limits, and he ain't going there again.

I guess it's best to leave your audience wanting more.
Dear Joss,

Take a break. Watch your baby grow. Give the fans enough time to miss the Buffyverse characters, then come back in a few years with a kick-ass sequel.

It's been seven years. We've got re-runs, DVDs, web sites and academic conferences. We'll be okay for a while. Get some rest before you return to dazzle us again.

I guess I'm afraid that if you jump into a BtVS spin-off right away, you'll just burn out, man. You'll be a prisoner in the Slayer factory, doomed to write about demons and pretty young adults until you become a walking joke.

Firefly was different and it rocked, notwithstanding the s^^^heads at Fox who purposely destroyed its mindshare. The cancellation was a drag, but you've got other stories to tell. So go forth and create something non-Sunnydale. I know my friends and I will be watching.

Oh, and one more thing:

Never, ever trust anyone else to run your shows again.

something something yours,


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