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December 31 2005

Sci-fi Channel hosting "Firefly" marathon again. They will be showing 12 episodes in order (starting with "Bushwacked") beginning Friday Jan. 6th, at 8:00 AM eastern (5:00 AM on the west coast). Good chance for new "Serenity" movie fans to see the quality of the TV shows if they haven't yet. And if you have Comcast, Firefly is available on demand.

Not sure why they aren't starting with the Pilot, but, hey, it's still great TV.

Not sure why they aren't starting with the Pilot...

Can you hear the program planer? "I'm a traditionalist."
This time, it's really out of control -- they're even skipping "The Train Job"! *rolls eyes*

If you consider "The Train Job" the "second pilot," then you just have to wonder what it is about this series that makes its pilots so, er, endangered. ;-)
It doesn't warrant a mention on the front page but apparently you can get Firefly on demand if you have Comcast in the States.
Whats with the "showing them in order" or was it an attempt at sarcasm? :)

(Why doesn't it Simon? If a commercial station thinks they can make money from on demand Firefly - well, that sounds interesting, no?)
Well, it's free on-demand, so I'm not so sure about that, Pumps.

(For those looking for it, it's listed under "special events" or something, not under, say the Sci-Fi channel or somewhere logical - not that they actually have the Sci-fi channel on demand.)

EDIT: Oops! It's not free. It's sold in 3-episode chunks for $3 a chunk. I.e. it's $1 per episode. I guess that's SOMETHING...

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Well I found a relevant link about Comcast and added to the subject line.
The fire fly marathon leads up to the season premier of Battelstar Galactica season two. Sci-Fi channel could have gone with a BSG season one marathon and still had alot of viewers. Showing fire fly as the lead up could increase fans for both shows.
It looks as though this marathon is the last time that the Sci-Fi channel will be showing Firefly. I don't see it on their schedule beyond January 6.
Last marathon? Then let's make it memorable :)
Man, I was so excited then haven had to pull a DD (debbi downer). Boo Hoo! At least we have our the wrong order...again.
Just more reason to buy Firefly DVDs for ourselves and all our friends! ;-) Besides, with Sci-Fi Channel, everything's temporary. They hadn't run Seaquest for ages, then this week it was on constantly. (Of course, I guess they were trying to sell the new SQ DVD!)

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