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December 31 2005

Profile on Howard Gordon. Great interview with the new showrunner for '24'. If you don't know who he is, well he co-wrote the Buffy episode 'What's my Line?: Part 1' with Marti Noxon. He also wrote one of the best of the early Angel episodes 'Hero'.

Via The Buffy Trivia Guide:

Howard Gordon co-wrote the episode What’s My Line? (Part 1) with Marti Noxon, and was consulting producer on the show. He was also a consulting producer and writer on Angel. He wrote the Angel episodes ‘Hero’, ‘Expecting’ and ‘The Ring’. Howard worked with Buffy’s executive producer David Greenwalt before, on an episode of The X-Files. He wrote many episodes and was co-executive producer of both 24 and The X-Files.

He was also a consulting producer for 'The Inside' and will be working with David Fury on the next season of '24' as well.

" After graduating from Princeton, he moved to Los Angeles to do a movie based on the life of Lord Byron.
Once in L.A., they ran into a small problem. “No one knew who Lord Byron was,” Gordon says."

Too bad! Byron did it all and would be a great subject for a movie.
Seems like a fine choice, he bashed the amnesia and mountain lion storylines from Season 1 a bit, so clearly he's got a good head on his shoulders. The new season sounds pretty interesting, with Fury writing some episodes, should be significantly better than last year.

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