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January 01 2006

Guest Columnist Joss Whedon Eyes the Future of TV. Joss writes a hilarious column for TV Guide, peeking at what TV in the coming years will be like.

They finally posted it online! I've been dying to post a link to this all week, except there was no link to post. It was in the magazine all big and shiny, but not online until now.

Thanks, Rob!
Finally this is on their webpage! Good stuff.
I don't read TV Guide, so I'm really happy this finally made it online. I especially love the part about "when the aging but feisty Dakota Fanning headlines CSI: Vancouver Made to Look Like Chicago".
LOL, what a great read. Joss = hilarious snarkiness, as usual.
That was nice and giggle worthy as usual. Yay for Veronica Mars still being on (and a huge thanks to Joss for getting me interested in VM)! After a second mini-mars-athon with my friends we're up to the last few episodes of season one. Great stuff!

Happy New Year everyone! Yup, I'm another one of them 600 and sommin newbies (and long time lurker) that signed up over Christmas. Thanks much for opening up membership!

Can't wait for the latest iHole to be released. Do you think they'll make woolen coverings for the iHoles, like those iPod socks everyone suddently seems to have these days?
My iHole? Isn't that where my i is? What? What?
Weird. Yet another Joss reference to lint. Maybe it's not so much a fear as an obsession.
What happens if you're a diabetic?
I was reading this and I was just waiting for the Veronica Mars plug. I even expected to read spinoffs such as "Veronica Mercury" or "Betty Neptune" but I love his clincher more.

[ edited by Arabchick on 2006-01-04 06:39 ]
Oh, are adorkable. Long live VM!
Why does the link point me to a Ryan Seacrest interview? *cries*

*Clicks again 15 minutes later and stops crying* Ahh, there's the Joss-y goodness. Happy New Year! =)

[ edited by einral on 2006-01-01 10:15 ]
Classic Joss, working in mentions of VM, HIMYM, Deadwood and, er, what was that DVD he mentioned in passing? ;-)
Ah, I was wondering when they'd put this up. I tore mine right out of the TV Guide when I saw it and put it up on the bulletin board. Makes me glad I haven't cancelled my subscription yet.
You know I really think it is impossible not to love this guy. Not that I have ever or will ever try, but c'mon, he's great! I don't know why but the part that made me laugh the most was "the constant slew of cable mergers will result in the creation of CinePax, a channel that's just very confused about its morals." Just high-larioius, that man is.
Okay, I know it was a Jossy joke, but I really want to watch HBO's "Westminster" too. Is there something wrong with me?
"Not so much with the whereabouts"! LOL! Classic Joss.
Jerry Bruckheimer will also have conquered Broadway with the CSI musical "FOLLICLE!" starring Nathan Lane as a frenetic but lovable blood spatter and Matthew Broderick as lint.

Now *that* I would pay to see!
Nice way to start the new year, reading Joss! "Just pull over and ask!" LOL!
Great start to a new year. I'm so glad this is here. It didn't seem to make the Canadian TV Guide. Great fun and is he doing the family's wash these days? What is it with the lint?
Loved the gently mocking of the Browncoats with all the possible permutations of Firefly/Serenity, along with the recognition that only flans will recognize the "direct to eye-glasses series" ala the Operative. Although, I guess with the DVD, now everyone knows about that.
A very good way to start 2006. Happy New Year everyone.
Happy New Year and best wishes for a Browncoat-y 2006!
Just wonderful. Thanks so much for posting that! Woke up to it this morning, and haven't stopped laughing. Happy New Year to is going to be a good year!
Serenity (now available on DVD! I have little or no shame)

That's my favorite line in the whole column. I mean, it's all good and all funny, and I love the whole SereniFly paragraph, but that part is Joss at his best.

Also, yes, Happy New Year all!
I so hoped they would put this online, as I never saw the issue. Another hysterically funny outpouring from that Jossy brain. Thanks for the link!
but I really want to watch HBO's "Westminster"

Pliny, I would so be all over that as well!
OMG that was just too funny. Joss always brings the funny but he's outdone himself this time. I can't wait to store my favourite shows in my pancreas and I feel I've been waiting my whole life for an iHole.
Woo! I too was hoping I'd get a chance to read this, and now that I have it's no dissapointment. Joss is great with the funny stuff. Which was a big surprise to all of us, because usually he only writes increasingly bleak humorless expositions on the human condition. (Wait, where did that come from?).
Serenifly will undoubtedly dominate our screens in years to come, but why no mention of that great up-and-coming actress, Sarah Nitty?
I should know better than to be drinking coffee while reading anything written by Joss.
My sinuses are very clean now though, so, upside.
Long time lurker and wannabe member finally got to join over the holiday, so thanks for opening the membership!
Didn't get that pony, though.
Oh, well.
Happy New Year to all!
Here's to 2006 kicking 2005's iHole. Or something like that.
I can't wait to plug into my iHole.
Not So Much With the Whereabouts, made me laugh and laugh.
That thar is pure comedy gold, I tell ya! I love my Joss!

Despite his lack of shame, I like man who calls a plug a plug. Or an iHole. Heehee, that's going to keep me giggling all day.
Add me to the list of those who would SO watch Westminster.

Now, if only I could afford the new iHole...
Well, personally, I'm gonna wait for the cheaper iHole Shuffle.
That'd be comedy fried gold punkinpuss ! ; )
Well, I wouldn't mind an iHole Shuffle, or Nanoo Nanoo.
Since I don't support Apple I will be getting a much superior product from Microsoft called the MicroHole.
I spit on you iPod, I want my iHole!!! And, I want to wish a Shiny New Year to all my fellow Whedonesquers from one of the Newbies on the block and a special shout out to Madhatter for being the first one to say hi.Can you feel the love? I can, and it feels gooood:)

[ edited by doodles on 2006-01-01 22:10 ]
Sony will be putting out an iHole which will be discovered to not only unload shows, but also, a tiny transmitter that sends back your brain patterns which Sony will sell to the Networks as ratings info and which will break your brain if you try to remove it.
It's funny cause it's true !
Happy New Year God (and you all humans who like me worship Joss)
Hee! What a happy thing to read on this, the first day of the future. Happy New Year Joss and Whedonesquers alike!
Now I'm going to pass out and dribble - my iHole's hurt. Damn 2005 gave me a nasty hangover!
Thanks, Rob, for posting this; I meant to pick up TV guide last week which I don't normally read, but forgot, and I guess it's too late. Joss always "tickles me a bit" (actually a lot). Happy New Year to all my fellow Whedonesquers, especially you new guys (you know who you are).

[ edited by spikeangellover on 2006-01-01 23:29 ]
LOL! Joss is boss!

Happy New Year!
The CSI stuff is SO spot-on. And iHole? That's me there on the floor, dead from the laughter.

And yes-- Veronica Mars better still be on. For a long time. :)
I can't wait to see some photoshop guru make the apple ad for an iHole.

Yay! Veronica Mars!
Ah, I love my captain. ;)
That was a great article! Full of wonderful Whedonisms...I love Joss!! I always laugh when I read stuff he wrote. And what IS with the lint?? Happy New Year everyone :)
So, HBO, when can we expect to see Westminster? Faster, faster, faster would be better!
He's got a fascination with lint, doesn't it? First his 'goodbye' post at the boards, and now this.
I hope HBO will take note...
Thank you for posting this. I will now run over to my mother's house and steal her tv-guide.
Veronica Mars will still be on. Veronica Mars will still be on. We clear about that?

Yes we are...
Fab, fab article. Just soo funny. Good thing I'm in the privacy of my own home now, and not trying to read that in a web-cafe or - worse still - at work, because there were several loud snorts and out loud laughs from me, I can tell ya.

The man is indeed a writing God. No, wait. He just is God.

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