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January 01 2006

2006: The year of .....? SMG named as one to watch. The article names Sarah as one actress to watch with 5 films on her plate for release this year.

Five Films? I can only think of three. Anyone wanna help me out?
From IMDB;
The Air I Breathe
Untitled Marc Klein Project
Southland Tales
The Return
Looking forward to all of these, and to seeing SMG show her range.

BTW, does anyone know why the "Untitled Marc Klein Project" is not being named after its source, The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing? Wasn't that its original title?
Five SMG movies?

2006 really is heaven....
Wow! Five movies! I wish her all the best with these films.
I hope we can see all the movies this 2006.

Happy new year to everybody!
Actually, technically Happily N'Ever After is a 2006 movie even though Sarah did the voice work years ago. IMdb is just a bit slow with the updating.

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SNT: I think the final title will probably be taken from the book in some form, but the title of the book itself isn't particularly snappy. Perhaps they'll shorten it or something. The film is only based on two of the short stories contained in the book also.

The films she's involved in which are definitely scheduled for release in 2006 are:

The Return
Southland Tales
The Grudge 2 (cameo)

'Happily N'Ever After' may well be released in 2006 also, but no date has been confirmed. 'Alice' doesn't even have a production date yet and there's really no way it'll be out in 2006 (I'd guess that it won't even have been shot by the end of the year after SMG's comment about it not happening anytime soon), 'Girl's Guide' is only scheduled to begin shooting in May so that probably won't be out until 2007, and there's no news on release dates for 'The Air I Breathe' or 'Streetlight'.

It'll be a good year for SMG fans, but we'll have to wait and see just how many of her films are actually released in 2006.

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Very cool for SMG! So looking forward to seeing all of these films.
I am very excited to see SMG move into the mainstream. A lot of people complain (myself included) about her un-involvement with the Buffy fanbase but you have to remember that she was an actress before 'Buffy' and an actress after. I think that once she puts distance between herself (ie: movies/work) and Buffy then she will gladly acknowledge the fan-base and the credit that the show merited. I look forward to seeing my favorite slayer kick ass at the box office this year!
Yeah, it's fun to see SMG slowly getting more and more movie roles. Here's hoping this is the year she truly breaks out, because she simply deserves it. She does great work, after all, and the more people who end up realising that, the better.

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