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January 01 2006

The Big Flicks of 2006. 'Date Movie' (Feb. 17). Starring former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Alyson Hannigan (yet another actor who dons a "fat suit" for the role).

Atleast she didn't gain the weight like some actors and then lose it in a month (which is horrible for their health).
I adore Aly, but when I saw a preview on Entertainment Tonight, I couldn't help but cringe and wonder what she was thinking in accepting the role. I want to love anything the verse actors our in, though, so hopefully the movie's decent.
Yeah, the fatsuit bit does look pretty cringeworthy. I hope that's just at the beginning and that it moves on quickly. (Or, in my more "meta" moments, I remind myself that this is, I assume, supposed to be mocking films like Shallow Hal and so it's not just being stupid for it's own sake... but I'm doubtful.)
I thought it was mocking Bridget Jones, but Shallow Hal could work too.
Can I just say how this sort of thing makes me want to hurl. She starts out fat and looking for love....wait...don't tell me...she finds it when she loses the weight. Grrrrrrrr.
I think the quandry AH is in is the same that every former Mutant Enemy actor faces; working on a show the quality of Buffy, Angel, or Firefly is very, very rare. Very few writers and production companies are capable of putting out the kind of brilliant work that Joss et al put out, so the actors, in order to continue working in the business have to take lesser material. They are not likely to find anything that even comes close to what they did on these shows.
Aly is a smart and capable actress. I trust her in her choices and support her by paying the price of admission. She has yet to let me down. I have faith. Hopefully this movie will rake in enough cash to pull her into the mainstream!
I hate to say it but this movie will probably be a lot more successful than Serenity.

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