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January 01 2006

Serenity DVD Widescreen edition - #1 at

Nice to see the DVD is selling well. Scroll way down to #16 to see the full-screen version.

Meanwhile, over on Serenity and Firefly occupy #2 and #3 respectively.

Order your copies now!

My first 'story'... hope everything works. :)

$27.99!!! Sheesh! Thank god for Amazon.
#1, eh? And well it should be. On the other hand, it should be a crime for any good movie to be released in fullscreen. Just keeping it honest!
I believe that's $27.99 Canadian.

PlayUSA are great, got my copy to me nearly a week before release. Hope EzyDVD get my Austrailian copy to me as early, cos the credit card number I gave them expires at the end of Jan and I don't know how to get them to charge it to my new one.
PlayUSA are great. My copy got posted to me way before the release date, but because of christmas post I didn't get it till the 29th of Dec, which was kinda lucky as I was leaving to come to Dublin on the 30th so it arrived in Ireland just in time. should be a crime for any good movie to be released in fullscreen. Just keeping it honest!

I'm sort of in agreement. I don't care for fullscreen, but there is one good reason for it to be available: people who are visually impaired get full-screen versions so they can see people's expressions, etc.
Fullscreen is evil and in many cases actually works against someone trying to catch expressions as the tighter scanned version of the shot loses half of someones face.
I completely agree Zeitgeist. I can't stand watching anything in fullscreen, with the only exception being Buffy, because of the note Joss wrote us in the season 4 box set. It made everything alright.

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