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January 02 2006

Vote for IMDB Best Movie of 2005. Voting now open for best of 2005. Several categories for our BDM! (Reg required to vote).

As of now, Serenity is showing in best action movie, best popcorn movie (cringe) and Joss is showing for Best Director. Also of note, Serenity is also showing in the worst title category.

I voted for Jewel for best supporting actress. I mighta voted for Gina, but Jewel just nailed a couple of very pivotal lines...
We need more voting here! I voted for Morena for best supporting actress and Ron for best supposting actor (cos I love him) the rest was easy enough.
I voted for Summer for best supporting actress and Chiwetel for best supporting actor. Also, Serenity for best popcorn movie (it IS extremely entertaining).
But c'mon, people--Funniest Movie? Loyalty is great and all, but if Serenity is the funniest movie you saw in 2005, you need to lighten up.
Voted!!!! But not for funniest movie........
I'm SHOCKED that "The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D" is not in the top ten of the most silly names of the year. I mean, come on.

(And yeah, Serenity made me laugh the most. Mr & Mrs Smith came close but yeah, Serenity was funnier)
When they give me choices to make sure they have the right person, I almost changed my vote to Weedon Grossmith or to Joss' grandfather John Whedon. He was a talented guy- according to IMDB, although he died in 1961, he still appeared as "Himself" in a TV show in 2005.
Well Serenity may not be the 'funniest movie' but it had lines that made me laugh more than the so called 'comedies' of 2005.

I had a tough time deciding who to vote for in the supporting actor categories, but in the end I went for Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin.
Lioness are you serious about that John Whedon appearance? If you are sounds like something Joss would've engineered to make a point. :)
Lioness are you serious about that John Whedon appearance? If you are sounds like something Joss would've engineered to make a point. :)
After you cast in your votes for you get a secondary page where it gives you several choices that match up with what you typed out. This is done to root out any spelling mistakes people make and to make sure they are voting for the right movie or person. It's no different than if you do a search for Joss Whedon with and get other Whedon names as the secondary results.
Yeah, without that page, no one could possibly manage to vote for Chiwetel... Whom I did, in fact, select for supporting actor.
LOL ^ ! I actually spelled his name correct according to them, gave myself a pat on the back.

[ edited by delirium_haze on 2006-01-02 21:14 ]

I completely forgot about Chiwetel for Supporting, and voted for George Clooney in Syriana. Damn it.

And, hey, I won't get tarred and feathered if I voted for Bill Murray in Broken Flowers over Nathan, will I?

*preparing tar and feathers*
UnpluggedCrazy, the IMDB rules state you can vote as often as you want and only your most recent vote will count, so you can change your vote if you want.
Hmm, to be honest I think we would have better chances of winning if the Browncoat community as a whole decided to group together and decide which actors to nominate for each category. To me, it makes sense to put Nathan and Summer up for best actor and actress respectively, because they were the two pivotal characters in the film.

Supporting roles are more open to debate, because we have a lot to choose from. However I would argue that Morena and Ron, fantastic though they are, had smaller roles in the film than the other BDHs, so I think Gina or Jewel for best supporting actress would be a good idea, and supporting actor is even more difficult for Alan, Sean, Adam and Chiwetel.

To be honest I think that we don't have amazing chances in these particular categories because of the split vote and the fact that even people who went to see and enjoyed Serenity may not be as familiar with the actor's names. But I think we could certainly make a dent in best film and best director.

Also nice to see Serenity was the #7 film in terms of number of people ranking it this year, especially considering it was released in the later part of the year. Xoynx, I'm not sure if I'm going to vote for Serenity as funniest film of the year, but to be honest I don't think there were that many good comedies released this year. In general I think it was a good year for films but not comedies, unless you appreciate people like Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughan and Will Ferrell (which I don't, unfortunately). Serenity did have a very serious side, but there were many moments of hilarity throughout the film, consistantly.

Also, unrelated to the BDM, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe will be getting my vote as family film of the year. And I can spell and pronounce Chiwetel Ejifor's name properly. I deliberately went over it to make sure I'd get it right, since he has a very promising future in film. I'm just sayin'.

EDIT- Oh dear, I thought that us voting for Serenity in categories such as Best Horror or Best Comedy might have been cheating a bit... at the moment Harry Potter has 3% of the votes for Best Documentary and 2% for Best Animated Feature.

Come on, that's blatantly people filling in the film for every category. Obviously I will have a lot of support for Serenity, but if I genuinely think it was outclassed in any particular field I wouldn't vote for it. Especially if it shouldn't be eligible for some of them. And there are films from 2004 in there, too. I'm guessing this poll really isn't very accurate or important after all.

[ edited by Razor on 2006-01-03 02:40 ]
Razor, I know you mean well and this is just my opinion, but I get real uncomfortable when people start trying to organize mass votes. I think we would all like Serenity and our BDHs to get their due, but this just seems wrong somehow.
Okay, sorry about that. I didn't mean to suggest that everyone must vote for Serenity in all available categories, just that we should support the film.
I get uncomfortable about mass votes too, TamaraC, if I suspect that the masses concerned don't actually look at the poll or pay any attention to the categories (kinda like people sending in form e-mails or postcards because someone told them to).

OTOH, I trust the membership here to not blindly follow Razor's suggestions but to consider them and then vote accordingly. People think it would maximize chances to vote Nathan as Best Actor, etc., they can make that decision. Razor's just offering one particular way to vote, not collecting votes and making them on behalf of others. Don't see anything unethical in that myself.
And there are films from 2004 in there, too.
Some of the movies that are marked 2004 because they were released in other countries in 2004 (such as Howl's Moving Castle and March of the Penguins) or release in film festivals in 2004 (such as Crash) but only recieved wide release in North America in 2005.

I'm guessing this poll really isn't very accurate or important after all.
Well, when the poll is finished I wouldn't be surprised if removed movies from inappropriate categories (like Harry Potter Best Documentary). As for how important it is, well, like any of these types of polls they might convince some people to give some of the movies they haven't seen yet a chance on DVD. Personally, I often check these types of year end lists/polls/awards to find out about some of the smaller independent movies that I hadn't heard of or missed out of that.
I will bow to SNT's wisdom and experience. I'm sure the membership here will be more discerning.
Yeah, don't vote for Serenity without thinking about it first. As much as I like Summer Glau, I went with Naomi Watts for Best Actress cause she really had to bring her 'A' game to that green screen :).
Just want to add I didn't mean to annoy anyone or do anything unethical. Sorry for the confusion.
delirium_haze, say it ain't so!

Naomi Watts gave one of the worst performances of the year... :'(

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