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"Mercy, forgiveness, trust. Those are the things he left back there."
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January 02 2006

TV Gal's Best of the Best in 2005. Joss gets awarded 'Best Cameo' for his appearance on Veronica Mars, Amy Acker gets 'Best Guest Star' and find out which show was the best place for Buffy alum.

So good, so funny, but I can't believe they didn't vote Veronica / Logan for "best sexual tension"...
I totally agree with that - the chemistry between those two is incredible.
Ah, another Whedon lover. Doesn't matter how long the shows may be off the air, they still get mentioned anyway.
And the Buffy/Angel DVDs are still in most stores I go in - they must still be selling very well.
Well everytime I visit the DVD section or a DVD store, I always see a huge row of Buffy & Angel DVD sets from various seasons in a prominent place. Although I notice Joss Whedon's name(and others) is not on any of the front covers of the DVD set. Whats with that?
I'm afraid we poor people in Britain haven't had the chance to see either of these yet.
Another Whedon connection:
Best Proof that There's Life After a Reality Series: Steven W. Bailey on "Grey's Anatomy." (he plays Joe the bartender)

According to IMDB, Steven was in 3 Buffy episodes (6.20, 6.21, 6.22) and 1 Angel episode (3.4)
To my mind Kevin Smith's cameo was better than Joss'.
I can't remember him on Angel. The Veronica/Logan relationship...steamy! Much UST. Go Joss for Best Cameo! Go VM for all our Buffy/Angel peeps. Wouldn't it be awesome if Andy pops up at the VM karaoke club? I would do the dance of joy!
To my mind Kevin Smith's cameo was better than Joss'.

Kevin Smith was just playing Kevin Smith. But Joss really nailed the part of Douglas the Car Rental Guy - particularly in the photograph on the wall :-)
What's a Sophomore Slump?
Keith G It was just my opinion. And I stand by the fact that I was disappointed in his cameo. They built it up too much and it felt like a letdown when I saw it. Again this is *my* opinion, not saying anyone should agree with me.
"What's a Sophomore Slump?"

That is when the quality of a show goes down in the second year. Usually it is attributed to the people who created the show putting all their good ideas into the first season and not having thought beyond that.

Note: There is also Second Performance Slump in the theater attributed to the adrenilin wearing off after the opening night. This concept can be applied to other physical activities as well. ;-)

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