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January 02 2006

Herc's Top 10 Scripted Hourlongs of 2005!! Yet another end of year article but it does have a big shout out for Tim Minear's 'The Inside'.

"The Office" US Version in the Top 10 Half Hour Longs?

Things must be really bad over in the U.S. to vote that piece of go se into the Top 10! #

Jim and Pam? They are nothing compared to Tim and Dawn

And Steve Carrell? NO match for the ultimate Gervais
It was sick and funny and weird and, had Fox introduced it after “American Idol,” it would by now likely be Fox’s highest-rated scripted series.

Not certain it would have held that audience, but if Fox had in any other way given it a chance, I think it would be pulling in good ratings. I had just gotten sucked in when it was cancelled.

Otherwise, couldn't disagree with the VM and BSG comments -- although I would have hated trying to rank one over the other -- they are both such outstanding series. Lost has lost some of its appeal to me, although I still watch it regularly. I would have to agree wholeheartedly with the flashbacks comments. And I am looking forward to new episodes of Kimfree 24.
Like the comment about Keith Mars. He's shows a real edge to him once in a while and I would love to see more. Totally agree with Lost. If it was a novel, I would have skipped to the end long ago.
BSG and VM are my two favourites, so I'm happy. I can't wait for Friday to see the new episode of BSG. The Galactica and the Pegasus where about to go head to head at the end of the last years finale, what a cliffhanger that was!
Man, what do we have to do to get The Inside on DVD? There were unaired episodes! It's abominable that we won't get to see them.
"I'm bigger than you, and I have a gun."

That was my absolute favorite line from The Inside. Why, oh why did it have to be cancelled. Damn you FOX. Damn you straight to hell!
Speaking of which, the full run of The Inside begins on prime time on ITV4 in the UK - later this month. UKers will see the unaired episodes in March. (Which includes Adam Baldwin's character - Danny - talking about going to see a 'Space western' at the theatre..)

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The only two shows I watch are #1 and #2. That must mean I have fabulous taste. Herc has fabulous taste. And is handsome and tall. Just throwing that out there.
The only shows on that this that I have watched are #1, #2, #4, and #8. thankfully, the winter hibernation is about to end and new episodes will start to air this week. Battlestar Galactica rules.
The UK Office is one of my favorite shows ever, but I don't understand why people dismiss the US one because it's not quite as good. They're not both on the air at the same time, it's not a competition. If you want more of The Office, the US version is the closest thing to it. It's also one of the best sitcoms currently on TV. Oh, and Pam and Jim are better than Tim and Dawn.
Remember, there are some lively discussions of BSG and VM and other shows over at Please come join us as the seasons renew.
Could never get into either version of The Office. As a reminder, love UK Coupling, hate US Coupling, love Black Books, Spaced, and many others :)
I think you have to work in an office to fully understand The Office. Possibly. It makes me want to hide my head - I've worked with David Brent, I swear, just he wore a different face.
Don't get me wrong, it was amusing in spots, but all in all it just didn't grab me. Have previously and do currently work in an office, though previous job more so than current. Of the shows in the list I adore: #8, 7, 4, 2, 1.
Yeah, I don't think it's 'best show ever' material by a long shot. I think Ricky Gervais did the right thing by ending it after 2 series here actually -- that way, it won't start to annoy people over time and go poop (it's not the best forum ever for an ongoing story line).
Is someone from the UK planning to put "The Inside" episodes on the web? I've been looking, but the title unfortunately produces a lot of unrelated and ...interesting.. content on torrent search engines. I'd be happy to do an exchange, but all I have to offer is my family's jealously guarded recipe for Frog Rice.
Wait. Somebody thinks the US version of The Office sucks? Somebody who's currently alive? No, really, you've got to be kidding me. Nobody can be smart enough to appreciate Firefly and not at least be able to chuckle at The Office. Jim and Pam rock, and Carell OWNS! (And Dwight is scary...)
Oh, come ON!

Where's the Deadwood love? It automatically kicks the ass of every network show, but ROME beat it? Fuggedabouditt!! Rome had it's moments (I love Titus Pullo like I would an ornery, simple-minded cousin, and the depiction of Caesar's death was riveting), but it came nowhere close to DW's consistently elegant use of the written and emoted word ('cocksuckers' notwithstanding), gripping storytelling, character appreciation and development, and intensity of emotion. Not to mention: no other show has Al Swearengen. 'Nuff said.

*huff, puff*
Maybe cos Deadwood wasn't really on the air all that much in 2005, Willowy? (Don't know if that's true or not, not having HBO, but visibility might be a factor in Herc's list). Because if it was, I would definitely rank it above both VM and BSG, as worthy as both those shows are. Solidarity, sister . . . :)
Speak it, speak it!

Thank you for your astute and fabulously true comment, O wise SNT! ;) Appreciate the accord, and can't believe that not one of you slackers caught that terrible oversight before now!

Kidding aside, season two has run twice in its entirety this (er... last) year, and to my joy I discovered last night that they are currently running it again!

Herc! You listening?
The OC? Really? He had it right about Summer and Seth, but that's it! Just ewww. I love his 8, 3, 2, and 1 picks. I know I must start watching Lost. Must start renting season 1. Another ewww for Adam Carolla. He's on both the unscripted list and talk show list. Never watched Deadwood, but I hear I should.
Somebody who is currently alive and has seen the British version which is so much superior to the U.S ones!!!!! Ive watched about 4 or 5 episodes of the first season, and I did not like it all. I guess part of it was that I had already seen all the storylines before.

Jim and Pam are just NOWHERE near as good as Tim and Dawn, they have none of the chemistry that Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis had, it just doesnt compare

I went into watching this series being prepared to like the show, but was incredibly dissapointed, however gave it another chance. And another. And another. And another. And then I gave up.

R.E. Gervais VS Carrel. Again there is no contest at all. Gervais is hilarious, embarrasing and highly sympathetic character whereas Carrel is slightly embarrasing and not really that funny.

It might be good by American Comedy TV Standards (however it cant even stand up to Arrested Development)but it really doesnt compare to the British version, and to me just seems unfunny an bland

However thats just my opinion
"It might be good by American Comedy TV Standards..."

My, my. I appreciate a little snobishness as much as the next person, but for some reason it just does not feel quite right in this situation. I do not particularly like most American TV comedies, nor have time to watch them enough to find out that I like them for that matter. But then I have not heard great things about the vast majority of British TV comedies that do not make it across the Atlantic. I believe a thread on Whedonesque went into it quite thoroughly some time ago but I don't have the time right now to look it up.

Comedy is a tough trick and can be very culture specific. Versions of a show done for another country are often interesting when successful, giving an insight into the differences in the cultures. They can also be interesting when they don't work, giving insight into what made the original successful (Is a particular actor the real key to the show?) and/or what the television industry in the spin-off country thinks their audience will and will not like.
Hmm, yep, as an Anglo and anglophile, I have to say that "American Comedy TV Standards" can be awfully high, and English Comedy TV Standards awfully low. Personally, I ran in horror from such fare as Ever Decreasing Circles and Keeping Up Appearances (and not to bring up Benny Hill) . . . while hugely enjoying Cheers.

And while we've all heard of poor remakes of English originals, there are also successful ones, such as Three's Company, and no doubt many others.
"My, my. I appreciate a little snobishness as much as the next person, but for some reason it just does not feel quite right in this situation"

Well re-reading my post I really do sound like a silly old git. Sorry about that.

Heh. Yeah I was being a little bit snobbish! I just very much dont like The Office, and when it comes to it, I'm not really that big a fan of Friends, Seinfield, Frasier etc, and you're right, there have been some awfully bad British comedies, so its a little on the both side from either!

I guess I might be just a little biased when it comes to which side of the Atlantic I prefer my funny from. (Although when it comes to '8 Simple Rules', 'Arrested Development' and yes, shame for it, but I cant stop myself 'Hope and Faith', the line becomes blurred)

SNT! You ran from Keeping Up Appearances! One of the most vintage and brilliant British comedies ever! Thou speakest filth! You dirty the name of Hyacinth Bucket - pronounced Bouquet. That show is simply one of my favourites ever.
"Well re-reading my post I really do sound like a silly old git. Sorry about that."

No biggie. If I remember the rules right, you are allow one silly old git moment every calendar year. Too bad you used yours on January 3. Now you are going to have to be young or non-gittish or serious for the whole rest of the year. I don't know if I could stand the pressure. ;-)

Just for the record, shows go across the Atlantic from West to East as well as the other way around. I have never seen the British version of "Who's the Boss" so I don't know how it translated. The original was not earth-shattering, but it was pleasant enough. I did get a slight taste of the British Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and did not think it worked as well as the original...which is pleasant enough. :-)

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