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January 03 2006

Summer Glau & Alan Tudyk at FX 2006 in Orlando. Summer and Alan will be attending the FX 2006 con January 27 - 29 for signings. Jason Palmer, mentioned several times around these parts will also be in attendance (and has created new art for the con program).

Who is going? I'm in Canada. Anyone out there willing to grab me a copy of the program and any other cool free swag? Yes, I'm blatantly asking for people to get me free swag. I love Jason Palmer's Firefly and Serenity prints. As soon as I figure out if my credit card is not already broken after the holidays, I certainly need to order myself one of each.
I'm so going to try to scrape together the cash for a couple of tickets and the flight down to FL from ME... I can stay with my godparents if I need to...
Is anyone looking to purchase one soul, slightly used but never abused, for a little under a grand? (I have to have spending money once I get there, y'know.)
I only ask that they come to this next Dragon*Con. Please.
I'll be going, since I live in the area.
Holy Cow! I can actually go to this one with out hopping on a plane. Ah, the little things...See you there :)

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