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January 02 2006

Homemade Buffy the Vampire Slayer Mah Jongg set. Make your own? [via]

That is WAY COOL !! Great job!
This was a great idea! Wish it was a game that I was more familiar with. I used to date a Filipino guy back in the early 80's, who's mother liked to play it. That's the extent of my familiarity.

Anyone out there make a Buffy "Sorry" game? There could be a "blinvisible" card! :D
Holy crap, that's great. I love playing Mah Jongg, but I haven't got the energy or technical ability to be able to create my own version.
How cool would a Wonderfalls one be? You could use the wax lion, the wind up penguin, the barrel bear...
I used to play Mah Jongg as a computer game, took me a long time to find out it's actually a "real" game that was made into a computer game.
Wow! Looks awesome to me. I Wish I had a fraction of the skill it took to do that.
How does the game work exactly? I've never heard of it before, but I'm intrigued, and this is very cool.
I have quite a few computer Jossverse mahjong games, and have made tiles for a set or two myself, but the idea of creating something that exquisite in RL is daunting and gobsmacking!
"How does the game work exactly? I've never heard of it before, but I'm intrigued, and this is very cool."

It is fun, but can be pretty expensive as I have almost always seen it played for money. Learned it years ago from Chinese friends but have not played it in...decades. It is kind of like gin rummy only fast and with tiles. My rule of thumb: The older the female players, the faster and more serious the game. Beginners should stick with younger players and men or be prepared to be verbally abused while losing all your money. ;-)
Wow that is wonderful. I love the tiles with the wee stakes.
This is very cool! Newcj is quite right about the more serious mahjongg sharks out there. My own mother is just such a creature. For awhile in the 90's her best friends stopped playing with her because they got very tired of losing to her with alarming regularity. And in recent years, I've also made tilesets for an online version of the game, including a Firefly version and some Harry Potter ones. It's quite addictive.
What a beautiful set. I love Mah Jongg.
Well, that makes me want to make a Firefly/Serenity set.
So which characters are Season tiles and which are Flower tiles? Oz is either Summer or an Orchid, and Spike is either Winter or Bamboo. (**Contemplates the correlation between Spike and long rigid poles... hmmm...**)

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