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March 03 2003

IMDb daily poll: Which Buffy spinoff would you like to see? Registration required to vote.

The more I think about it, the more likely I think it will be that if a spin-off happens, it will make a clean break with the Sunnydale lineage and feature an entirely new cast of characters and new setting, while still operating in the Buffyverse of demons, vampires, slayers, magic, etc. The "promote a supporting cast member to Star of The Show" option is just too obvious, and we know Joss is all about subverting people's expectations.
I'd like to see a Willow show, but done like Frasier after Cheers, same character, totally different story.
Wow. Willow with a talk radio show, an effete younger brother and a sexy Irish housekeeper - now that's a show I can get behind.
My choice was of course not on the list. I wanna see a spinoff featuring Xander, Spike & Dawn prominently, with Willow, Buffy, Anya, Giles & others taking special guest roles or supporting parts. Wood & Kennedy would also be regulars, but more of a peripheral supporting cast, and Andrew, Jonathan & Warren would come back as comic relief. Warren would be a reprogrammed robot, Jonathan would be a mystical form of the undead (not a vampire, more of a zombie i.e. "The Zeppo") and Andrew would just be Andrew. Again, they'd either be peripheral supporting roles or special guests as occasional bad guys.

Kinda hard to summarize that into an "X the Vampire Slayer" poll answer, but I think it'd be the best choice of the lot. The supporting characters of Buffy would take the front seat in a show that didn't focus on slayers or Sunnydale, but still dealt with Whedon's world.
Willow in Seattle, with all that rain and coffee shops---

I want 'Ripper' and the Scoobs could gueststar or whatever, shoot, even SMG can visit during sweeps---
I just want to see more Xander, whether that be a larger role in a spinoff or, like an earlier rumor, him moving to Angel. His role has gone to pracitcally nothing this season and that's just pathetic.
Looking at the characters with sufficient ability and charisma, I would have to go with either a Giles and/or Willow and/or Spike centric spinoff. Xander I feel is a supporting character unless there's a bit more range to Nicholas Brendon than we've seen so far.

Hey, you don't suppose they get transported to the future and end up on board a spaceship called Serenity, now that would be one hell of a series.
I think the spinoff could revolve around either Kennedy or Amanda and the spinoff could be called Kennedy The Vampire Slayer or Amanda The Vampire Slayer. They should have Willow be on the spinoff if the show is revolved around Kennedy as a regular and we could see the W/K relationship evolve, that's just my opinion. My guess is that some SIT will survive the final attack and that SIT will be chosen to be the new slayer and that is who the spinoff will revolve around since the final episode is titled Chosen and I presume the spinoff will premiere sometime around October of 2003, that's just my guess. What do you guys think?
Oh, I'm so easy, I'd watch anything they put out. But Ripper's the one I'm saying little prayers for when no one's looking. It wouldn't need any of the old cast. Just ASH and a completely British, adult cast. OK, we can have one American exchange student. Oh, and can we have Liam Cunningham in it?
I agree. Anything Joss ever does again, will be seen by this obsessed chick. And my pick is second! :dork:
I agree with prolific, the (admittedly little) I've heard about Ripper still makes it sound like the most interesting prospect.

Plus we Brits will get a Buffyverse series all of our own, and that spells coolness. Well no, it doesn't, but the metaphor works. Kinda.
Here's hoping they don't go with the 2 least popular choices. I refuse to watch either. All of the others(including Ripper), bring em on! Does the animated series count? I want that, too.
i'm only sure of one thing, whatever spin-off or new show Joss decides to do, the words "the vampire slayer" won't be in the title, cos that would be to lame. it would even be so lame that it turns original again and then turns lame once again.

besides, why does everyone want to see a spin-off? why not a whole new show, which features some of the cast of BtVS, but not in the role we're used to. kinda like how the Coen brothers use the same people in every new movie they make.

but i'd watch every show/movie that mr. Whedon will make. unless it features the Olson Twins, my therapist strongly advised against watching anything with those two.
I'm telling you: a Jonathan spinoff will be the greatest thing ever. He can open up a comic book store with Clem, or become Dawn's rommate, or travel the country in a talking van solving mysteries. Failing that, I'm hoping Ripper will happen. Jonathan could be Giles' comic relief sidekick ghost.
I too, am Joss' bitch. Anything he does, I watch.
Ripper would, of course, be fab. But dammit, the BBC channels only produce, what, 13 episodes per season? Just not enough.
Personally, in addition to Ripper, I want the Spander Show!
Mmmmm... Spaaaanderrrr...

-with a little Andrew, Clem, and Dawn (hey, she's been cool this season) thrown in.
6 or 7 episodes. But they'd all be absolutely fabulous. In a recent interview, ASH said Joss is more into making it a TV movie rather than a series.
I wonder what an "Absolutely Fabulous" / "Ripper" cross-over would look like...
This is what I wanna see: If'n I were Joss Whedon this is the spinoff I'd whip up...

(several paragraphs copypasted elsewhere)

Just before hitting the "Post" button, I thought better of it. I figured rather than post all this here, I'd put it over at my own website. It got a little long while I was rambling. I didn't wanna hog the thread.

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Andrew and Giles. In a Sherlock Holmes type setting.
There's a similar poll at with some interesting results

Buffy spin-off poll
I think that Scifi poll's been hijacked; it gained about 5000 votes in an hour or two yesterday, and Spike's percentage went from around 15-20% to ~45% at about the same time. I could be wrong, of course.

Another spin-off idea: follow the exploits of a band/group/gang of vampires. Not vampires with souls, searching for redemption, but bad bad baddy bad vampires. You could pitch it as The Sopranos with fangs.

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I think they should do spinoff without any of the actors but with one of the characters. They should do a pre-buffy show that stars one of the slayers before buffy and a 20 year old Jiles. They could fall in and out of love and a 20 year old Jiles would not be as wise. Perhaps even a bit of a hellraiser.
If a spinoff's got the X-Man in it, I am there.
I want Faith to have some part in it -- If they wait a year, they can have her. Sorry, no show on Fox is going to beat out Friends in its final year and an All-Star Survivor. She'll get some coin, be a leading lady, sow her oats, so to speak, and Joss can come up with even fresher ways to use her in a spin-off, hopefully with Dawn as well.
I have a lot of BIG ideas about this spin-off idea, i love willow and she has been one of my favourite central characters since season 4! ilove the idea that "I'd like to see a Willow show, but done like Frasier after Cheers, same character, totally different story." e.g. with willow left with more power after chosen, she could would have had to 'beef' up so to speak lol and improve her outter exterior to become a proper fighter who is a specialist witch! Also, there could be an episode unlocking the past of rupert giles (ripper) as i also love the idea of a ripper show, but i favour a willow one!! Also dawn!! not a very much talked about character, i would prefer to bring her out into the light! and maybe let her learn magick! a little more than the fighting skills that buffy taught her in episode 1 of season 7! ha ha! any ideas are solid, and ive attempted writing scripts but get writers block! and forget about them!! in the long run, anything joss whedon squeezes out of the WB next should be a hit with buffy fans "we hope" we all no shows like "firefly" werent and angel was canceled! i say no more xx jay

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