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January 03 2006

An interview with James Gunn. There's more Whedon related connections with the writer and director of Slither than meets the eye. Did you know Joss once hired him to create a sitcom for Fox?

The Fox sitcom is now added to the list of Joss projects we don't know much about (and probably never will).

That list being:

The Batman movie.
The Dracula musical.
Probably some other stuff too.

How come no-one has mentioned that Slither is an obvious re-make of the B-movie classice (at least in my mind) Night of the Creeps? It really is a pretty great, bad movie.
"Night of the Creeps" - great little '80s cheeseball horror movie. I've read interviews where Gunn has mentioned "Creeps" as an inspiration, although there is a long, proud tradition of slug-based fright flicks.
All I know, is when I see that preview, I keep expecting Nathan to answer a phone and say "Capt. Reynolds. Thrill me."
I know of at least two movies that Joss wrote that were never produced.
You mean Afterlife and Suspension? Quite a bit is known about them.

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