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January 03 2006

Official Serenity Movie site wins a Wooden Rocket award. It beat other sites such as the Harry Potter and King Kong ones to win the highly coveted 'Best Official Movie Site' award. Which is just ironic really considering the forum was closed down yesterday.

Even more ironic is the fact it's possibly getting replaced by the .org site -- with my majestic artwork -- very shortly.

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Interestingly the Universal site is back up again (after having been gone all morning), so I don't know what that is about. It is probably just temporarily back up, to confuse us.
No, it must be so that Nathan can post his pictures just in time for it to disappear forever!
I thought that was really sweet of him to try and do that last night.
Wait, wouldn't a WOODEN rocket be "anti-technology"? LOL.
Kinda like that wooden Bender Futurama episode...
The awards are also known as the Woodies (no really) but no way in hell was I posting a headline saying "Official Serenity Movie gets a Woody".
Well, people would have thought it was a reference to Toy Story!
with my majestic artwork

*cough* some of which is modified from someone else's majestic artwork ;)
Hee. Well, yes. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but I have bastardised it to hell, and when I touch Photoshop people can generally tell. Sob. I think River looks pretty, though. And dramatically shaking her hair. It's like a hair shampoo advert -- in space, with guns. Sadly no llama (I'm such a hack).
OK, dumb question I can save the Serenity movie site home page as a .jpeg file?
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Simon - you crack me up! "Official Serenity Movie gets a Woody". I spit my lunch across the room. Curses!
"Serenity" is also the name of a porn-star, so "Serenity gets a Woody", isn't as far-fetched as one might first assume. :)
Mort spat his lunch!
Simon your on fire today!! Comedy fried gold there!

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