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January 03 2006

Amy Acker's Short Film "Mr. Dramatic" on New Compilation DVD. The new short film collection "Celebrity Mix" includes Amy's short, along with a number of other notable short films featuring tv/film stars.

Has anyone seen this? This is the first I've heard of it.

The short was linked here when it promoed on (IFilms? somewhere else?) - and I seem to recall the director of the piece chipping in on the discussion thread. Don't have time to find the relevant thread now - anyone? Quite entertaining, if a little bewildering, short I seem to recall.

(ETA) Well, since no one else bothered, here's the Mr. Dramatic link and comments thread from back in June. And it was on Amazon, not IFilms.
It should also be noted that the DysEnchanted short features Jamie Bergman as well - two connections for the price of one!
I remember watching this when it was linked a while back. Interesting because of Amy but I wouldn't pay money for it. I wouldn't even pay turnips for it (they're stinky).
The Amazon link now goes to the Tribeca Film Festival, which Mr. Dramatic wouldn't appear to be in...

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