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January 03 2006

Beckinsale as Wonder Woman? Nothing official here, but there is a picture of Kate in costume!

Lili's mom has got it goin' on...
Actually, Kate Beckinsale would be my second choice for Womder Woman if you had to make me choose right off the bat. My number one choice would now and forever be the stunning Jennifer Connelly.
well she is a name--over Moreana!!
I seriously doubt Joss will pick "a name".
Well, if fairness I presume casting will be something thrashed out by both Joss, the casting people and the studio (and folk like Joel).

We'll see. I have doubts about it being a name, but some part of me suggests they'll be wondering how Superman does.

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I seriously doubt Joss will pick "a name".

As I've said before, Warner Bros and Joel Silver will more than likely have an input into this as well.
I have yet to see her in a film where she didn't underwhelm me to death.
Indeedy. If something like Superman bombs, they'll be thinkin' named cast people I suspect. It really depends on budget. If it went for anything like Batman Begins budget, *I'D* be asking for a few named people in the picture. A lot depends on the script.
I really like "Underworld"...have it on DVD and it rocks, as does she! Still pulling for Charisma as I really think she's perfect but otherwise, this would be as good a choice as any!
The funny thing is that just a few days ago, I sat down in the local Borders and read JW's interview in the new Buffy/Angel official magazine, and besides some tidbits that had me going "I f--king KNEW IT!" (like, he wrote the last scene of "Shells" and came in and directed one scene in "Not Fade Away", Wesley's death scene -- both pieces of work that screamed Joss to me), the thing that made my eyes go big was a sidebar saying he's not averse to using any of his stable of trusted actors for any post-Serenity project. Essentially Serenity was his shot to prove that he could do it alone, without help from his Buffyverse actors, but that now that he's proved it to himself, he's willing to re-use again when appropriate. Because having a bunch of performers whose talents he knows and can use to best ability is a gift he won't spurn.

Saying all that is my prelude to hoping that Morena gets the WW job. I love her as Inara, but always felt the character was underused, and think she'd do a marvelous job under Joss' direction, and I want to see more of her talent being used. One of the things that makes me a fan of the Jossverse is the way he uses actors in ways that bring out their best potential. I'm not a fan of SMG in any of her other work, but as Buffy, she's heart-breaking. I think it's not an accident that many actors do their best work for Joss, and whoever gets the WW job, I know she'll be amazing.

But please, not Kate Beckinsale. I've had a thing against her since I saw this tiny Brit film with her in it that made her hate her, Cold Comfort Farm. And no to any of the Jessicas -- Biel, Alba or Simpson. I just hope the studio desn't get final say over the casting. And that Superman does well.
For those that want to see what Morena Baccarin would look like as Wonder Woman check this out.
Maybe it was just me, but the other night while watching Serenity's deleted scenes with Joss's commentary, I thought I heard him throw in a reference or two regarding the Morena/WW rumors. Maybe it was snark, maybe not, and of course, I now can't come up with an example, but anyway. . .hmmm. It was the kind of small comment that made me sit up straight and take notice.
Ironically, I've always enjoyed Kate Beckinsale more when she's using an American accent vs. her natural British one. I wonder what kind of accent Wonder Woman would have.
m'cookies, didn't he say something about hating to cut all Morena's scenes, but he would make it up to her. I certainly paid attention to that.
Yeah, that was one of them! Good call, TamaraC.
Yep, that was the comment. Remember though, that he recorded this awhile ago I assume and I believe him when he says that he is not writing Wonder Woman with any actress in mind. Of course he's been known to make the truth all bendy.
I wonder what kind of accent Wonder Woman would have.

He did make another comment in the deleted scenes commentary about cutting a whole scene of Morena teaching archery to the young companion-trainees, where he said something like "They said that was too much like Wonder Woman... oh, the irony."
Well done, jclemens. That was the other comment I was trying to think of.
For those that want to see what Morena Baccarin would look like as Wonder Woman check this out.

Alternatively those who want to see Nathan Fillion as Wonder Woman, probably shouldn't click here.
Rotfl Simon thats hilarious.
I can't see Morena as WW, much as I love her, because I just can't see her kicking anyone's butt across the city. She looks so... demure.

She could, of course, prove me wrong.
I think anyone over the age of around 27 can be ruled out of WW (and even that's pushing it unless they look younger). Joss has already mentioned that it's going to be an origin story hasn't he? So there's just no way that can work with any actress over a certain age.
Of course - we've been looking in the wrong place! Why have we been focusing on women - how silly!
Tony Head for WW! David Boreanaz for WW! Camden Toy for WW (well he does everything else)!
There's only one choice for Wonder Woman, and she's here!
Re: Beckinsale - say what you want about name versus no name, Joss versus the studio, I think he'll at least hire someone who can act. Didn't Joss call "Underworld" one of the worst films ever made?

I think we're safe from Beckinsale.
Underworld's only problem was that the script sucked. The concept was good, the effects were okay, and Kate looked HOT in that leather, but the script just plain sucked. Hopefuly Evolution will have more story to it, and a better script.
Didn't Joss call "Underworld" one of the worst films ever made?

Did he? I knew there was a reason I loved that man.

I'm trying to bring to mind a Kate Beckinsale movie that I liked, but can't quite think of one - OK, with imdb's help: Much Ado About Nothing. Not so much a Beckinsale vehicle, however. I was sorely disappointed by The Last Days of Disco, having adored Metropolitan and Barcelona, although blame can hardly be laid at KB's feet there. Laurel Canyon was just eh. She was pretty good as Ava in The Aviator . . . [That's enough Kate Beckinsale. ed.]
Kinda new to this particular discussion... but any thoughts on
Morena Baccarin being a good candidate for Wonder Woman?
Heck...I thought Gina Torres would've been awesome but may not me the right age---unless Joss wants to do something totally radical with the role...
Actually Gina would be awesome in it- in some other Amazonian role
Dear Lord no. Please not Kate Beckinsale.

I think Charisma Carpenter is the ideal actress for the role. If not her, and yes I know people will say she's too old, but Lucy Lawless kicks supreme ass. :0)

And they both have repeating initials like WW herself. ;0)
Katherine Heigl + hair coloring = +/-WW(?)

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Wizard Magazine did a list of some top actresses (Longoria, Carpenter, Bilson, Biel, Belluci, Barton, etc), and Morena outscored them all, by their picks.

Can't find much on that issue, though:
Despite my username, I'm partial to Morena or possibly Katherine Heigl for WW. (Though as a fan, I wouldn't hate Kate.) In the end, I'm not that concerned. I'm sure Joss's script, direction and input on casting will make the film what it needs to be.
Simon - quite right - I really shouldn't have clicked there!


My candidate - Morgan Freeman. I mean, he'd look as good as anyone in those star-spangled granny knickers!

*really big shudder*
Did he? I knew there was a reason I loved that man.

Actually, worst film ever made is almost an understatement. Here's what Joss Whedon said (in the extensive CFQ Episode Guide of "Firefly"):

CFQ: Itís interesting and necessary in a show like this, because you need to know that there is some heart beneath the superficial things.

JOSS WHEDON: Anybody can make a cool spaceship but that really doesnít cut it. It really is always in the execution. Letís face it, the question you have to ask is whether or not there is talent and heart. You can make something like Resident Evil, which I think is quite good, or you can make Underworld, which I think is the scourge of a nation. Two nations, actually, because Kate Beckinsale is British. Filmmaking as a whole should be shut down and punished because that film got to be made. Itís not a thing a gentleman would say, but what the hell?

Joss being very candid, there.
Yeah. Well then. I guess Kate is out.
Beautiful woman but way, way to small to play an Amazon. Give the Amazon's a chance ...
Since we are doing another round of speculation here, how about Maggie Gyllenhaal? She's lovely, tallish and quirky. Actresses like Morena and Jennifer Connely are beautiful and wonderful, but I just feel like Maggie Gyllenhaal could really capture the "fish out of water" feel.
Thanks so much for that snippet, Keith G. It's not as though dislike of Underworld is particularly novel, but I'm somewhat gleeful that my visceral distaste - which is much stronger than most everyone else's with whom I've spoken about the movie - is shared by Joss. With apologies and all due respect to Calledon, I found that movie to be an affront - because it said to me that fantasy/sci-fi genre lovers are expected to put up with the worst kind of go sa if it seems polished enough on the outside (I know this is hardly an original conceit, but it struck me with great force at the time).

Joss's opinion to one side though, I don't think it should reflect too badly on Kate. She was far from the worst thing in the movie. And even I can agree she looked pretty good in those outfits.

Love Maggie Gyllenhaal. Can't quite picture her as WW.
I'm having a hard time picturing a "Whedonesque" Wonder Woman, period. Maggie G. is the closest I've been able to come. But I can't wait to see what Joss and company come up with.
I prefer someone who can act myself. I was ready to give Kate the benefit of doubt even after the horror that was Underworld, but Van Helsing just solidified my opinion that she. can't. act.
Maggie G is plain as a mud fence and flat as a board. No WW features in that description, I'd wager.

Hey, she can act though! Thought she was superb in "Secretary". As ca-reeepy as that flick was, she did act her (non-existent) ass off.

Hey, maybe that's where it went!

(Sorry... too much vitriol?)
I'll have to check that(Secretary)out then. Maybe it's because I've only seen her in really bad action flicks? Eh.

Also, it's in all seriousness that I say this. Even after seeing the picture Simon linked to, I still have no problems with Nathan Fillion cast as WW. :)
NickSeng, Willowy was talking about Maggie Gyllenhall in Secretary, not Kate Beckinsale. And Willowy, I agree, it's nice MG can act but there's no point since she doesn't look the part. (IMHO, Charisma Carpenter has the opposite problem, she may look the part, but she doesn't have the chops for the character Joss will write.)
Hyeeeah! SIMON! That Nate as WW was incredibly scary. I think it may have surpassed frizzy red-haired clowns as my recurring nightmare.


Although, his breasts are quite worthy of envy, aren't they?

Yeah, c' know they are!
Willowy - for a guy, those breasts certainly are impressive!

By the way, what do you really think of Maggie Gyllenhall? I just wasn't quite sure from your last post! ;)
Was I the only one who actually enjoyed Van Helsing? Aside from the fact the I would have completely changed the third act and dropped that whole babies storyline and instead have Dracula want to create an army of Frankenstein's Monsters to take over the world. That would have been a better motivation for Dracula in my mind, and less silly. But the way it was done was still pretty decent. I mean it's supposed to be a popcorn flick, and it's even made by the same guy who did the Mummy movies. It was supposed to have the cgied monsters, the thin plot, the awesome effects, cool music, a big action star, and the beautiful Kate Beckinsale to provide plenty of eye candy (although we got plenty of that just from Dracula's Brides...Yummy!). It was everything the film was supposed to be and I enjoyed it. Why does everything in Hollywood have to be Oscar worthy and have some sort of deeper meaning to it. I mean who actually understood of half the words that were spoken in the Matrix sequels without having to look them up in the dictionary? The main goal of a film is to entertain people and that's what I got from Van Helsing, The Mummy movies, and even the Matrix movies when they weren't talking and just having lots of cool fights. But we can still have our intellegent and entertaining films as well. That's why we have guys like Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, and the wonderful Joss Whedon to make them for us.
Lucy Lawless was mentioned earlier, and she'd be great! She might not be the right age for an "origin" story, though, like was mentioned. But it does make me think that an unknown would be the best -- no one knew who Lucy was before "Xena," but I certainly could never picture anyone else in the role now. I think that the discussion at the beginning makes the most sense -- see how the unknown actor in "Superman" does first, then think about it again.

And those pictures of Kate in her Halloween costume? Please. She looks like a "hot mom," sure, but no WW. She looked great in the leather vampire costume in "Underworld" because she's slender and tall, but WW needs to be strong, not Hollywood-actress-thin. It's like Halle Berry in (ick) "Catwoman;" there's a difference between "hot" and "powerful," and WW is powerful.
The main goal of a film is to entertain people

And all people have different tastes. Except enough people really liked "Underworld" that a sequel has been made.

There's no accounting for taste :-)

The major problem with "Van Helsing" is that is had a great 30s B&W horror movie creature feature opening - and the rest couldn't live up to it!

But it's still worlds apart from Underworld, which I put down to the actors (and a bit to the director).

But Beckinsale just stinks up the screen... although she was okay in The Aviator (which shows what a great director can do with mouldy plasticine).
(which shows what a great director can do with mouldy plasticine)

lol!! I think I have to remember that line!

I saw somewhere that the director of the new "Underworld" is Kate Beckinsale's husband (Superman in that Halloween picture). Which came first -- did she get the role in the first movie because he directed it, or did he get to direct the second one because she's the star? ;-)
I wasn't sure how much response the link would get, but I love this discussion. I might as well throw in my two cents.

I don't see Kate being cast as WW, I don't really dislike her, she just seems to small and thin. I would love to see Gina Torres in the role, but the age thing may be a factor.

The person I would most want to see in the role is ME, but I really don't see that happening. ;) (Unless you read this Joss, then I am totally up to it!!)
NickSeng, Willowy was talking about Maggie Gyllenhall in Secretary, not Kate Beckinsale.

Color me embarrased. :)
So, I would love Charisma to be Wonder Woman, but I highly doubt that would happen. I love Morena, but I see her more as the pre-Crisis, Golden Age Wonder Woman versus the current one...

There's this one girl that I've seen on the WB - named Taylor Cole - who has the look, and I'm pretty sure that under Joss' direction, she'd be amazing.

But, please, not Kate Beckinsale or Jessica Biel.

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Billz, in answer to your question, Kate Beckinsales husband was the actor who played the werewolf leader in Underworld. But by the end of the movie she had left him and was going out with the director. She has divorced her husband and married the director but her ex is reprising his role in the new movie.
I think they're being civil about it, and in fact if you look at the original picture posted her ex is the guy in the Elvis costume trick or treating with his daughter alongside Kate and her new husband.
Maggie G is plain as a mud fence and flat as a board. No WW features in that description, I'd wager.

I've always thought Maggie Gyllenhaal is rather beautiful, a very attractive woman, but I guess these things are subjective. She's also a wonderful actor, something that isn't being disputed here, one of many interesting and talented female actors working in Hollywood at the moment (much more so than their male counterparts, I think.)

To get back on track, I have no strong opinions about who should or should not play Wonder Woman, but I do agree with those who have suggested that Maggie Gyllenhaal doesn't seem like the obvious choice, but who knows?

When the decision is finally made and announced reaction to it will undoubtedly spur a great deal of debate. Whoever it is won't please everyone!
her ex is the guy in the Elvis costume trick or treating with his daughter alongside Kate and her new husband.

WHOA! What a Demi-Ashton-Bruce kind of soap opera! ;-)

Thanks for the low-down on all the behind-the-scenes hijinks, zz9!
Thanks for the low-down on all the behind-the-scenes hijinks, zz9!

Well, it's suprising what you learn when you live in someones attic for a year coming out only at night to raid the refrigerator and go through their trash.

I don't think she's a bad actress, the problems in Underworld were in the script. But I don't think she's right for a WW origin story.
Love Maggie Gyllenhaal, she was great in Secretary, genuinely good actress, but she isn't Wonder Woman.

For better or worse I feel the same about Morena, she has the face but not he stature for it. However I do think with some proper lighting, make-up/costumes and some Spinach (ah Popeye jokes) she could be made to look the part.

When Wonder Woman is finally cast that will be an interesting day indeed. When does this movie begin shooting anyway? I mean the script has either just been finished or is about to be finished right? We've got a long way to go.
Well, it's suprising what you learn when you live in someones attic for a year coming out only at night to raid the refrigerator and go through their trash.

Well, of course when you...huh? rofl
personally I don't think they (the studio$$$) will let Joss pick her outright, I'm sure he'll have a say in it, but since so many comics and super heroes have their very own big budget movie now, they might opt for "names" at least with the title characters.
Then there is the tried and true formula of hiring an unknown for the lead and filling up the secondary characters such as the villian(s) with names. I sometimes wonder if Joss has been avoiding that because of the unfortunate incident he had as a child...ok...young man, on the Buffy movie. A name wields a lot more power than a journeyman character actor. Of course Joss will be the director this time, and he will have at least some input as to who is cast. ...And of course some name actors do "get" his work, I have no doubt.
Morena all the way. I loved the ironic comment in the Serenity commentary regarding WW. That Joss...
Indeed Morena all the way! But I doubt Joss will have the deciding vote (and I don't know if he wants her).

I wonder how big the "WonderWoman" name is itself, I'm not a big cartoon reader but I have heard of about - this woman who runs around in a totally ridiculous outfit *g* (I wonder if the script will explain why she choose that look)
Okay. I agree with the "demure" comment about Morena. But having never seen her play anything else I guess I really don't know if she could play kick-ass or not.

Physically, I don't like her for the role.

Having just watched the pilot for Roswell last night (with the set I got cheap at Wal-mart thanks to the info I got here thank-you-very-much) I'm going to go with Katherine Heigl.

In her crash festival costume she looked gorgeous and I have to say very Amazonian.

Of course I haven't seen her lately so who knows?

Van Helsing was a HUGE disappointment to me. Visually gorgeous, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SCRIPT! Vampire BABIES? WTF?

I think that for the most part there should be a separate writer and director on a movie. You need a second opinion.
I think that for the most part there should be a separate writer and director on a movie. You need a second opinion.

The problem with most Hollywood movies - there's too many opinions! It might have said written and directed by Stephen Sommers, but I'm sure there was studio input and actor input and a script doctor here or there.

Eh, not that I think a pure Sommers movie would necessarily be any good...
Xane, Katherine Heigl is on "Grey's Anatomy" these days, playing a big city hospital resident who financed her education by working as a (wait for it) lingerie model. Which is a typical story for so many interns and residents, of course. ;-)

So, er, yeah, she still looks Amazonian. And the show is really popular, so the audience might know who she is.

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